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  1. Went to lowes looking for high watt daylight CFLs (actual watts) found a 65w (equal to 300) cfl it says soft white but says it produces 3900 lumens. So is this ok to use as a veg light or should I just go with a crap load of low watt CFLs and use a few of the 65w for flowering?? Any advice is welcomed and appreciated thanks
  2. 6500k is what you want for veg, they should say daylight. 2700k is soft white, K is kelvin which is a measure of temperature, in light bulbs it is a measure of temperature in light. Daylight bulbs mimic the summer sun, the soft white mimic autumn sun.

    I'd strongly suggest getting 6500k bulbs for veg, order them online if you have too.

    Lumens is foot candles or how bright the bulb is at 1 foot. For each plant have at least 100w of CFL
  3. Thanks for the quick response and advice!
  4. Look at Walmart. I'm not positive they carry the higher wattage CFLs, but I get all of my lower wattage (26w, I believe) ones from there.
  5. I looked there as well could only find soft whites 2700... Found a 60w (says it's equal to 200w) but it's softwhite not daylight
  6. Lowes has an awesome selection
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  8. ive been to a few different lowes, and i still can only find soft whites. im thinking of using 1000bulbs.com. i gotta wait for a family member to come visit the new digs, at the begining of june, and then its go time. so i dont mind waiting for the shipping, gotta finish my box anyways
  9. My Lowes has tons of bulbs in all kinds of color temp ranges...

    Also, the "equivalent watts" means nothing to a grower, base your wattage off of the bulb's actual wattage.
  10. ya im not worried about that they have a wide range of bulbs, 13-26-55-65 but they are all soft white nothing over 4000k
  11. also whats the difference between soft white and warm white?

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