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Looking For Day Time Jobs That Don't Drug Test

Discussion in 'General' started by Whitechapel420, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    First time poster, long time listener. I'm currently in the market for a day time job that wont drug test. Probably 20-25 hours at most at first, I just got hired as a delivery boy and they want me for weekends mostly. Anyway, I was wondering where are some places I could easily get in to? I graduated in December of 2010 with a degree in computer engineering and I have a background in customer service. I'm taking part time jobs because 1) The job market is complete shit in my area right now and I can't even get interviews and 2) I still have weed in my system that I need to get rid of. I stopped toking a little while ago but I just ripped an Incredibowl yesterday to help me chill out and relax, so I haven't stopped smoking completely yet. I can work from open to anywhere from 2-5 PM, I will find out my schedule tomorrow. I will have Sunday-Wednesday off as far as I know so far.

  2. Find a small company to work for. They usually don't drug test, but they don't pay well either, and the work sucks.

    I would do what I could to get clean and find a good job
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    I was looking more for specific jobs. I know small companies typically don't drug test, but I never see postings for small company jobs where I search. And I don't need to be preached to, I know I should be getting clean, but I wont justify why I smoked a little bit of weed. I used to be a heavy daily toker and have cut back big time, which is why I need a second job while I try to find something in my field. That and it will buy me more time to get clean. It's rough out there for a white collar worker in a blue collar town, at least mine.
  4. Small companies, restaurants, headshops, factories.
  5. See if you can get some under the table pay by working with friends and relatives.

  6. Unfortunately I live 100 miles away from my home town. And I don't know anybody who would be able to hook me up like that here. I do freelance computer work from time to time, but that only really comes around once in a blue moon. Or when someone finally torches their computer.

  7. Hmm, well then you need to think like a stoner. Where would a stoner work? Starbucks, maybe? A local restaurant? Hot Topic?
  8. Small bussiness, resturants, sandwich shops. but you really shouldnt get a job based on if you can smoke or not.
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    I do need to think like a stoner, haha. But the problem is I never really had to deal with drug tests before I graduated. I had a sweet contracted position that didn't test, but the contract expired and they didn't hire me full time. It broke my heart.

    I agree. I wanted to play by my rules, I didn't even want to apply to a job that drug tests. I feel employers shouldn't be able to tell me what I can and can't do with my free time. I would never dream of smoking on the job, it's only something I do at home on my own time. Sadly a lot of people don't think this way, so I will play their game long enough to get hired in and prove that I'm not just some stereotypical stoner. Go in, put in hard work, and give them every reason not to test me.

    Also if it helps, computers are my thing. I can do anything computer related basically, with the exception of programming. I also have a background in customer service from my days at Best Buy and Circuit City, all the stuff I did during late high school/early college. Something computer related would be ideal, but even the low end jobs here I can't get calls back for. Something with benefits might be good too, I was going to work for Kroger but a schedule conflict led to no deal. At least there I had a chance to get a discount on groceries, all I had to beat there was an oral drug test. But on the same not, I'm not going to be too picky about work, I really can't afford to be right now. Bills are piling up and I need to be working so I can get my own place again.

  10. I'm struggling to decide whether I want to go to Purdue University in Indiana for Computer Engineering or Musicians Institute in California for Performing Arts. Help me decide.
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    I know a guy who went to Purdue and I know a guy who went to Indiana, but he was mechanical engineering I want to say. I'm pretty sure Purdue has a fantastic undergrad program. If you want to do computer engineering, make sure you can program because you'll be doing a lot of it. Same with math. You'll also probably be forced to do some kind of coop too if you have the GPA for it, which is great because you can literally land a full time paying job as soon as you graduate. The guy I know who went to Purdue is a very, very, smart man and he does very well for himself. You can make a lot of money too if you're pushing yourself hard enough. But if you're sold on computer engineering, start programming as soon as you can. I can't comment on Indiana's program. Also, the one thing I hated about computer engineering was the egos. I'm basically the opposite of your typical engineer, at least at my school. Most have heads so big they can't get in the door way. Also most of my classes were total sausage fests. I only have one or two friends from engineering, the rest are from other programs. But I didn't go to a Purdue, I went to a smaller school. Plus I transferred here from a community college, so I got to miss out on the whole dorm experience. I highly recommend it, you'll make friends easily there.
  12. Work as a server at a restaurant. They are almost always hiring, the money can be amazing if you're good and they never drug test because they go through so many people.
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    I've applied as a server before and didn't get in because I didn't have the experience they wanted. But I will definitely be keeping my eye out around here for restaurants who are hiring. Also if you guys know any solid job websites please feel free to share. I've had some luck with indeed.com, and the one part time job I got as a delivery bitch I landed at Jimmy John's I just walked in and said that I heard they were hiring, the guy looked at my resume and scheduled me in for an interview right there. I had under 48 hours to memorize the menu and I did it and only missed a thing or two on the test. I'd like to stay away from food seeing as how one job is already in that area. I have an interview coming up with Barnes and Noble next week. But I really do need to stress that these should be morning/afternoon jobs, JJs wants me for the weekends and it's always going to be at night it seems. And by all means, if I could get a job that worked with my other hours and it was at a restaurant, I'd take it. More cash in my pocket!

  14. That's true. I talked to a guy who waited restaurants for 6 years and he told me that even though it was maybe a three star restaurant, he never made more money in his life. The key is to be very kind and courteous, and people will give you lots of money in cash.
  15. Work with retail, buy cheap products from dhgate.com and re-sell them on amazon or ebay!
  16. alot of places wont drug test unless you report an injury
    dont work at walgreen though they randomly drug test stores all the time

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