Looking for cheap and easy drying techniques.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JayRRTokin, Jan 15, 2023.

  1. Sup?

    I'm planning to grow a plant or two for fun. I've been researching as much as I can and everything seems very doable until the drying step.

    I'm going to grow autoflower outside. My first harvest will probably be right around mid July. It gets hot and muggy where I live.

    So either I dry in my home with the AC running or I buy a portable AC and use my shed.

    Problem with home is I don't want the smell. Problem with the shed is portable ACs are expensive.

    What can I do here? Is there a way to cover up the smell and dry in the attic? Or would a cheapo $40 AC be enough for a shed? It regularly hits 90 and above here in the summer.
  2. buy an ac at walmart save the receipt and box and be careful to save all the packaging then bring your shed down to about 65f for 7 days dry you bud then return ac also save receipt and pay cash
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    drying is the least of your problems here: buy in the $40 AC, charge it to the weed account along with all the other needed gear, pots, seeds, soil, and the er...light ($999?)
    over 40 years of growing weed, I have warehouses full of crap, it goes with the deal....lol

    good luck
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  4. This is purely a hobby for me. It's legal to have up to 4 plants in my state. I'm not going for anything major here. Just a plant or two on my balcony. Minimum expenses. I'm in a rural area.
  5. a ac wont help much if you dont have the shed some what insulated t
    to hold the cool air, it is a dehumidifer and if it has a constant supply of moisture and heat it will continue to run,, but a constant running ac on a shed would be more of a concern i would think , bandits dont only thrash a outside grow and hoard the harvest . same for a light that runs 24/7 my opinion these things would draw attention to actions you might get real upset about.
    just a tad for you to also consider
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