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  1. Hello, I've been looking around for a reliable grow light. I've looked at the GYO2002 400w on amazon and it seems too good of a deal to be true for that price. For $43 more the 600w from htgsupply seems to be a decent deal. The brand is digital greenhouse-from a few searches on google there doesn't seem to be many complaints about them. Basically, what I'm asking for is if anyone has had any issues with the cheap ballasts or are brands like Lumatek or Nextgen that much better? I dont want to make a poor investment and end up with a broken ballast later 3 months later, but to save some money would be nice. Of course, from what I have read the yield increase for a 600 is a lot better than a 400 and the heat increase isn't monumental (electrical cost does add up though). Is there anything that I should consider? Anyone have any other good websites? I've looked at indoorgrowsource-they seem to have a good deal on a 400w lumatek and dchydro-their website seems disorganized with missing pictures and multiple links to the same item on a page for me to trust them.
  2. you should look into the the Xtrasun Ballast they are made by HydroFarm. I work at hydro shop in northen CA. There reliable ballast, plus they have 5 year warrantys, no matter where you get them from. So if they take a shit on ya, you can get it replaced. If money is not an issue i'd reccomend the new quantum digital ballast (those come pg&e rated or something):hello:
  3. I would go with a Lumatek 400 or 600 from Indoorgrowsource. They always come through with killer deals.

  4. Ballasts and cars have the same thing in common, there are many different makes and models.

    Look thru the local phone book and see if there is a local hydro shop close by.

    If your worried about being seen going there take a bus.

    If you buy local and have a problem you can take it back locally, if you buy thru the internet and have a problem you might be paying alot of shipping back and forth and then have a wait time too

    IMO Sunlight Supply has been a superior ballast for me and thats all I use

    Just my 2 cents :bongin:

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