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Discussion in 'General' started by Frozen Smoke, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. A while ago some dude posted a video of a session he and his friends had going. One of them constantly yelled "blow it out the car, dude!" which had me cracking up big time. Right now i feel like watching it again, but cant find it anymore. Could you guys help me out?
  2. Of course...its called the search button
  3. im interested seeing this vid myself it sounds funny
  4. hang on - i'm just charging up my powers of telepathy :rolleyes:

  5. Oh thanks, that idea didn`t cross my mind yet:rolleyes:
    I also tried to use google, but didn`t get any helpful results

    Come on guys, somebody must have bookmarked this thread, it was epic!
  6. so all we have to help you is "blow it out the car dude"

    nothing about the content of the video or what was in the title, the user name or even what forum it was in

    how the hell are we meant to help you find something when you're so vague about it?


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