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Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. it might have been posted here a long time ago, people email in these weird questions to some guy (i forgot his name) and he gets real answers. one was why does a mushroom cloud look like a mushroom, stuff like that. someone posted the link as perfect stoner questions. anyone know what it is?
  2. nope...this was an online newpaper or something, with one guy who had a section where people email him questions. and his name was odd.
  3. www.theonion.com

    first thing that came to mind when i heard online newspaper....

  4. From The Onion:
    "Nation Celebrates Awkward 'Take Your Illegitimate Daughter To Work' Day
    WASHINGTON, DC-Tensions were running high Tuesday as Americans nervously explained their jobs, gave workplace tours, and introduced their bastard children to coworkers on National "Take Your Illegitimate Daughter To Work" Day. "Today, we encourage young girls to think about the future while we acknowledge the sins of our past," said President Bush, who insisted that cameras remain trained on his face during his address. "Let's encourage our unnamed children to build a career that takes them to new and exciting places very, very far away." The annual holiday was established under President Kennedy in 1962."

    Now that is funny!

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