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  1. Hello friends and fellow smokers.

    A day truly sad for us all, or at least the people that know me...

    I broke my bong. My pride and joy. A gift from the shorty I love.

    The good news!

    Only the base broke, the breathing apparatus itself is PERFECT!

    I am looking for someone who can repair a pyrex base, I can send pictures via request. PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH PRICES OR ANY SUGGESTIONS!

    Here, or here (pockycss@yahoo.com)

    Tell your friends, tell your wife, tell your husband, find someone. I SHALL REWARD YOU!
    Not fucking kidding, this is a very important bong, irreplaceable.
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    A 23" Pyrex glass [PHX] bong.
    honeycomb perculator, 2 bell perculators, ice notches, curved down-stem.

    Didn't think that was important enough to add. Sorry.

    I'm not sure how many mm. thick the glass is, but it's pretty thick.
  3. well just making sure it was GONG at least not some china grommet lol. StoneGlassworks on here does repairs i think. if he is still a member. im not sure if thats his exact name either. just lurk the artists corner. also trikky is a glassblower, but he doesn't come back on much and im not sure if he does repairs.

    hope this helps. even if you can't fix it, you can showcase it somewhat to keep the sentimental value. :smoke::wave:
  4. ask your local headshops.

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