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looking for an answer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongalicouse, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. So ive been through the official drug testing thread and read much of it as well as using the search button with numerous different searches and I still don't have a definitive answer. Do home drug tests check to see if it is actually pee? I am tested occasionally and not supervised and was wondering if i could use warm water with yellow dye or yellow food coloring? Also, if anyone else has experience with a similiar situation any advice or tips are welcomed.

  2. just shit in it. If they ask wtf? say FUCK YOU
  3. I'm not sure honestly but i heard... you can just pee a teeny little bit in it then fill the rest up with water.
  4. + rep
  5. hahahaha
  6. this is what i did when my parents at home tested me.
    Most at home tests are shitty, but if you are tested with the ones that are like $50+ you have to do a completely differnet method.

    for the shitty tests, this is what i did: I'd pee in the cup to warm up it up, because the cups have a little strip that checks the temprature, once the temprature bar goes to the temprature pee should be, it won't drop down. so dump like 95% of the pee in the sink, straight in the sink hole. Now dip ur cup in the toilet (yah might be nasty but god made soap) and get enough water in there so the cup looks like it still has a yellowish pee color but not too much that it looks diluted and not so little that you can still see the dark yellow color. and to answer your question, no they don't check if it's pee, all at home drug tests are is a little strip that you dip in your pee and it tells you what your dirty for, but putting some stuff might give you a false positive. just google about the drug tester your parents buy.

  7. I just read the FAQ for First Check Drug Tests which is the brand sold at WalMart. They very carefully do NOT specify whether plain water will work. There is a control on the test that has to show to indicate the test worked correctly. My guess is that includes some check for stuff that would typically be in urine, like uric acid. It would be too damn easy if it didn't at least check to see if it's really piss.

    On the other hand, it goes into detail about how the test can be beat with various adulterants or by substituting pee. If I was you I'd either get some synthetic pee or get some clean pee from a friend.
  8. I am given first check drug tests that test for 12 drugs.

  9. That was exactly the test I posted a link to. If you read that FAQ and some of the other pages on that site it actually tells you several ways to beat their test.

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