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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by MickeyMeese, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hey all, I'm starting my first pc grow soon. I've been trying to keep the cost at a minimum, so I've decided to use one of my old cases laying around. I want to post a pic of the case to gather opinions on whether this will will viable for a mini scrog or lst grow.

    I've gutted part of it so far, but I think I may keep half of the fan housing since it seems to be at a perfect height.

    Here's a pic of the case from the vendor's website.


    [Dimensions H: 16.2" (41.00 cm) W: 7.4" (18.79 cm) D: 17.25" (43.80 cm)]

    I'll post a pic of my partially gutted case later. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. idk honestly, you can find large tower computer cases for around $50 that might give you more room to work with. Of course you can grow in that (shit.. some dude grew in a pop can haha).
  3. If by first pc grow you mean first grow period, find a bigger case. Your going to have to use lst techniques to the extreme. If you have enough experience then go for it, it would work. Otherwise spending a little extra is worth it. I bought my case for $25 on CL and gutted it out and is working fine for me

    Good luck:cool:
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    Yeah this will be my first ever grow SWIM. I will do some research on CL for other options as well. I thought this particular case may be good for a mini-grow, sort of like a stepping stone that I may learn how this works.

    I've already got this case half prepped, but now I'm worried about the vertical clearance. I may try using this case nonetheless, since I'm already halfway done with prep. For proper room, I'm guessing nothing short of a full ATX or server chassis is what I need.

    Thanks for the input SWIM!

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