Looking for advice on my Super bud autoflower!

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  1. I need someone who could give me some insight for my two week old Auto's. I am cultivating three Super bud autoflowers but this one is sticking out like a sore thumb. My other two look normal to me. I have not given any nutrients yet, I've kept temperature at 77° and humidity at 60% I've logged the temp and humidity every day and there are very few discrepancies. However while giving them H2O I noticed this yellow spot. Furthermore I have only watered every two to three days but only after the soil was almost completely dry. I hope it's nothing but I just need a pice of mind, from someone who has much more experience than I do. Please anyone who has knowledge on the matter.
    Thank you all. Hope to hear from anyone soon.
    Warm regards: Matthew

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  2. Oh and the light is 24" away.
  3. Overthinking can kill you, brother. It sure does me! LOL Seriously doesn't seem to be too big of a deal.
    My first thought was the beginning of nute burn, but since you aren't feeding, I might suggest you don't wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Young plants don't need too much water (over watering is a very common mistake for new growers,) but they shouldn't go completely dry either.
    Best of luck!
  4. Thanks u can never stop learning! We as humans need to get growned every now and again. Maybe I just need to make an appointment with Dr."KIND"?
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  5. What type of soil did you use? That is just very slight nutrient burn. It happens with good soil because the plant just doesn’t need all the nutrients that are available. As long as it is slight it is a good thing because it means when the plants do kick in to quicker vegging, they will have plenty of nutrients.
  6. Of course makes perfect sense, I tried to get a soil that had all the ingredients it had Coco Cora, and peat in it I also I added amendments, worm castings, perlite, yes slow release fertilizer was alreadyin it. I just thought the soil, that I used would have been less potent with all the amendments that I used would have blunted the fertilizer that was in it? I may have been wrong? What do you think about the following, it look as if it is only on the starter leaves, however on the new leaves they are not looking like the the starter leaves. Hope they hold tight, we'll see. Just wanted to add that I'm adjusting the at 6.2, could this be part of the problem too? Thanks J 719 keep looking out, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions because that's how we learn or me anyhow. I've been so very very sick lately with a bought of cancer and truly it's the only thing that helps. Whenever someone can give me good advice it makes me me feel like I'm starting a great relationship with my fellow MJ friends. All my people, thanks a million.
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