Looking for advice on Mars Hydro 960w Lights for my large grow tent

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Punky_Brewster, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Hey All,

    This summer I'm going to be growing in an 8x8 tent in my garage. As it would be, there's someone near me selling 4 Mars Hydro 960w Reflector Lights (they retail for about $350 each) which I think would work well for my tent.

    Each light can cover a 4x4 space, and 4 is the amount I'll need, so it's looking good. Also, I can get these for roughly half the cost of getting them new. Two of his lights are brand new, unused, and the other two have one cycle on them.

    Does anyone have experience with this brand and these lights? This forum is always so good about helping that I felt it was best to ask here. I don't mind spending money on good lights, but I'm not about to buy crapy lights just because the deal is good.

  2. Hey Punky lol funny username
    Don't buy those lights they are outdated tech at best . ( Its like buying a VCR in a digital age) They also are truly about half the light they advertise as your looking for 30 to 40 watts per square foot of high quality LEDs . When shopping for a grow light only look at the power draw of the device, the light you are looking at is actually a 373 watt light making it good for about 12 square feet. Look into quantum boards. Screenshot_20190903-084438_Amazon Shopping.jpg
  3. My real concern with QB's is both the cost, and the setup. It seems to me that they come in fragments that you need to put together, requiring a bit of electrical knowledge. Also, they're pretty expensive. I don't even know where to get started. I can't seem to find a plug and play version that won't set me back $2,500 to outfit my entire room.

    Maybe I'm just way off the mark in terms of understanding?
  4. an 8x8 tent is going to cost a lot to properly light simply because of the square footage area. 8x8 tent = 64sf of area to light. currently accepted amount of wattage needed to fill that factoring in LED lights is generally 30-40w per sf. 1920w - 2560w, or 480w-640w PER each 4x4 area of tent.

    The lights you list are only actually 373w of real power. that means you would need a bare minimum of 5 units and that is still a bit shy up to 7 units of those lights.
    even at half price on those 4 units you can buy you still need to buy more and those won't be at 50% off. Simply more money than the value those light probably are, at least in my opinion.

    couple of questions before making any possible recommendations:
    1. you say tent will be in your garage. You don't have to specify where you are if you don't want but a general idea of your area/climate so we know what the conditions are in garage that tent is going to be in, assuming it's not climate controlled. Will be good to know if the tent is going to be seeing hot temps, low temps, big temp swings thru seasons? whatever. can make a difference on type or style of light best suitable for you.

    2. 8 x 8 is a large area. Are you planning on growing auto seeds or photo seeds? if photo seeds than you will probably want divide the tent in half and use 1/2 for vegging and 1/2 for flowering. You only need approx half the power requirements for vegging as you do flowering so you can use less power / lighting i the veg area saving money.
    Even if you grow autos you may find this as an option to consider since you could start the auto's under the less powerful veg lighting than when they switch to flower you can move them to the other side of the tent under the more powerful flowering lights.
    The advantage would be with autos you don't even have to bother dividing/seperating the tent since autos need need a dark period.

    3. since you will be growing in a tent, have you also considered that you WILL need some exhaust ventilation, with or without scrubbing filters and extra air movement fans in the tent for air circulation and exchange? This will of course affect your budget (assuming you have one) that you have available for lighting.

    There is no true inexpensive way to fill a 8x8 tent with light, so a last comment, again just throwing it out since I don't know your budget or anything, is if you can't currently arrow to properly fill the entire tent with good lighting at once, you can easily start with one area and get started. such as just buy good quality, sufficient lighting for a single 4x4 area of the tent. With high quality quantum board type lighting you can fill that area for as low as approx just under $400, possibly even less if you go the Alibaba route and order from China.
    You can grow a lot of weed in a 4x4 area without it costing you a fortune and expand the next 4x4 area as you can afford, and expand that way.
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  5. 8×8 is a huge grow space it's what I would consider a commercial grow. I would decide on your lighting budget and then fit your space to the footprint of your light. Kingbrite on Alibaba is a supplier of knockoff boards that people on here are happy with. Your light is the most important piece of your grow with out the right one the rest is for nothing.
    I think you should consider starting smaller a 3×3 area can produce a pound of weed each turn .
    It would take around 2000 actual watts of quality LEDs to light your space with that much light comes a ton of heat so you will be needing ac and plenty of fans.
    If you want to grow quality you have to be willing to put that initial investment in.
  6. Thanks for such a well written response. I appreciate it.

    I'm in NY (Rochester area) so we get all 4 seasons - hard. My plan is to begin my plants indoors, and then move them to the grow tent in early April. I will have enough heaters to supplement the temperature in the event it stays cold, however by mid-April things should be good. In the summer it can get pretty warm, but I'll have fans and AC units to keep the temperatures nice and balanced. Once we enter into September, the remainder of the season should be good enough to not really worry about the temp (but it will be controlled regardless).

    I think I'll do autos for the entire room, and my regular seeds will simply go outside. I'm doing 8x8 because I can only do one outdoor grow per season, and this will maximize my yield.

    As for exhaust, I was thinking of putting in two 6inch carbon filters, one on each side. It might be overkill, but it will also really help with keeping the climate controlled.

    To be honest, the only reason I'm looking at this deal is because the price is right, and I'm comfortable with LEDs. I've also got an extra 1200w KINGSPLUS led that I can hang along with these 4 Mars, which should give me even better lighting.

    Truth be told, this is just for me to smoke personally, and to give a bit here and there to friends, so I'm not hyper-focused on getting the biggest yields. I'm more interested in "good" yields, with multiple strains. I figure I can easily do around 12 auto flowers in this tent, if not more.
  7. I need to run, can reply more later if needed but that is good info for us to work with, thanks.

    good to know you already had the ventilation, and other factors already thought-thru, etc.

    I grow auto so that can make things easier since you don't need to worry about separate area for dark periods, etc.
    If you really want these lights than go ahead although you can do much better

    For both yield and quality I'd recommend concentrating what lighting you can afford in a smaller area of the tent and run less plants. believe me, you will get more yield and better quality product by giving less plants more intense light than trying to spread your lighting out over a larger number of plants. you may have more plants but each plant will get less light and produce less.
    You are better off getting more and better quality from fewer plants.

    just my opinion
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  8. @Smokey B McBongwater is 100% with everything he said.
    I grow 4 autos at a time in a 2×3 I turn close to a pound every 90 days. Not cause I'm the greatest grower but because I got my lighting on point.

    Here is a good option. Yes they are kits you need to assemble but its very basic and plenty of help on here for that kinda thing also.
    You can start with one of these in the corner of your space and add on as $ permits. These can also be bought from the Chinese dealers for alot cheaper but I'm not familiar with that market. 260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit

    The best thing about these forums is that we can stand on the shoulders of the growers that have put in the $ and time to learn what works
    You just got to be open to the advice .

    Oh yeah the Chinese suppliers are knocking off the boards I linked so don't expect the same quality or any customer service if you go that route.
    Here's the first auto flower I grew I used the light linked above to grow 4 of them in a 2×3 20190311_231415.jpg
  9. I wouldn't use anything less than a Gavita 1650e for a 4 x 4 area. 1650 umol. 50 more than a 1000w Hortilux HPS. Or if someone knows what Amount of Specific Color LED Bulbs they use, and what configuration they have them in ect. Gavita is 646w.

    Phillips has the best 1, but its not out yet, and wont be available for individual purchase, unless you want to buy 40, at a time. Guy told be he'd sell me 40 of them at $800 each, which is a steal, if ya got $32,000.
    Phillips is 635w. 1800 umol. Very powerful for the electrical draw.

    Greenpower LED toplighting system - Philips Lighting
  10. That's amazing! Did you do anything to keep it that short, or did it only grow to this size on it's own?
  11. If you're taking the time to grow a tent that large, spend the money on good lights, otherwise do a smaller tent

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