Looking for advice on large scale room 540 sq ft!!

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  1. new to the forum here , and also new to hydroponics .

    Here’s the low down on what I have going on . I’ve got a room that’s 27ft deep , 20 ft wide with 11 foot ceilings. Im trying to maximize my yields ,
    I’m building 4 hydro systems from 6 inch pvc , five 10 ft runs , with 90s in between to merge . There’s 4 separate systems, each having a 75 Gallon nutrient container with 5 large air stones per container , each stone running off its own air pump to maximize oxygen .

    I intend on running 150 three inch net pots on each system , with grow it clay pellets as my medium . Five 1500w king plus led double chip lights per system . The goal here , is to start the first system , then wait 2-2.5 weeks and load the second system , another 2-2.5 weeks for the 3rd , and finally harvest the initial and reload , keeping this a perpetual grow .

    I intend to try numerous different cropping techniques, and ScrOG them all , to try and build the densest canopy possible .

    My biggest question here , is should I grow less plants and space them further apart ?
    Also What size co2 generator will I need to support something of this scale .

    I’ve grown several crops with a 2000w king in a 5x5 tent with great results for a soil grow . I’ve also been growing outdoors for a couple decades now, and have numerous monsters under my belt that have all been done in a single 5 gallon bucket ! , but never a hydro setup

    I’ve always used fox farm nutrients , but I think I’m gonna make the switch and run general hydroponics flora series this time around, as it seems to
    Be the go to for most experienced , and commercial growers

    My goal is to be around the 1.2-1.3 grams per watt mark, “anything above that is a dream come true “ so I can consistently pump out around 20 lbs from each system .

    Is this a realistic feat with this system , and someone who knows how these plants grow , yet has no personal experience with hydroponics ?

    We had initially intended to run 150 five gallon buckets with 6 inch pots , and dual nozzles inside , and try Aeroponics , but I believe this flood and drain system will be best for a couple of guys who’ve never tried these types of things ..

    Sorry to ramble lol, kinda stressed as this is a very heavy investment , and would like to hit it out of the park !

    As for strains , we have clones from 4 different strains . Blue gelato , Bruce banner , gg #4 , and a strain known locally as PPP “pure power plant”

    Open to all suggestions , criticism , and/or help at this point !

    Btw this forum is a plethora of grow knowledge ! I’ve been visiting it for a long time , just never posted or signed up haha ..

    Would like to thank the community, for all it gives !

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