Looking for advice on growing outdoors in the Sacramento area

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  1. Hi,

    New to growing my own medicine and looking for advice. I am only doing one plant this year, but plan to do my full allotted 6 next year. :)

    I am thinking of buying feminized seeds from a seed bank but here is where I need the help.

    As mentioned, I live in the Sac area. We have a cold and wet winter, so starting inside under lights is a thought, but my preference to to start the seeds outdoors in May once the weather turns warm.

    I have beds that are raised, with native and amended dirt below, but chicken wire to keep the moles out. the beds are 40"x40"x18". The beds themselves are filled with a similar soil mix to what I use for my vegetable garden. So, good soil amended with chicken manure, worm casings, fish fertilzer and other organic additives.

    What I'm looking for is advice on what strains will do well outdoors where I live. Am mostly focused on Indica strains since I am growing for relaxation and sleep. I'd like to try several strains, but the Girl Scout Cookies plant that is in this year is growing slowly and I'm guessing it's because the plants have come from a purely indoor stock and aren't used to the sun. But this is just a guess. If my experiment next year does well, I am planning to get my nursery license and become a medical supplier, but I have to get success first.

    Any help on seed banks and strains will be much appreciated.
  2. Blue Bream, Orange Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack (Sativa), San Fernando Valley, are all high yielding plants and would do well in Sacramento. Get your feminized seed and start them indoor under a Fluorescenc grow light. Start in the usual small plastic cups end of April May first. Transplant into bigger pots as needed. The first of June put them outside where they get a little (60min) sun in the morning and are shaded for the rest of the day to harden them and acclimate them to outdoors. Do this for a few days gradually giving them more sun. By June 6th they should be ready for your raised bed and transplant them. I am about 60 miles North of you in the Foothills. I have grown all those varieties and have yielded 2-3 lbs per plant
  3. Howzit, I'm in SoCal. I only grow from fem seeds. European breeders/seedbanks have more feminized strains and also offer smaller packs of beans. So for guys like us doing 6 plants, it helps open more options.
    Here's two breeders that have fem/outdoor strains from landrace and heirloom blood.
    Ace Seeds have options feminized form, and although they're known for sativas, they still have indicas for you.
    CSI Humboldt has a lot of fem heirloom strains/crosses in their menu.
    BTW, you can order direct from both of these breeders.
  4. Thanks folks for the responses.

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