looking for advice from seasoned tokers.

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  1. I dont usually get fires around here, but i picked up some mad purps today and packed myself a bowl at about 1 to take a few rips with my friends. after finishing the bowl we started to walk out of the park that we toked in. Ill also add that it was pretty hot out, and i hadnt eaten. As we started walking back my vision began to slowly fade and it freaked me out. Then my hearing went, and i was stuck completely blind and deaf. My heart started pounding and i began to profusely sweat while also turning extremely pale. Im wondering if this is "Greening out" and caused by the weed, or if theres something more to this, because i honestly felt as if i was near death. post back or message if u can.
  2. heat stroke bro, cause you were dehydrated and hungry... so just drink lots of water before during and after smoking cause dehydration is an enemy of smokers everywhere and bring along munchies if possible
  3. i was considering this but i looked at symptoms / discriptions and it says that one does not sweat, also it says that vision is blurred not completely gone. and it wasnt that hot either or that late in the day so i had eaten at some point the night before.
  4. well maybe weed makes heat stroke worse? hmmm i dunno i try to figure somethin out for ya cause i dont want someone to die. but try smokin indoors lol less chance of that
  5. Hmm, never happened to me. Closest is that my hearing got all fucked up once and started sounding funny. actually it's happend twice but it wasn't nothing, I thought it was just pretty cool. Sorry that I have no advice for you, but I would just say what one of the above said n stay hydrated.
  6. P-a-n-i-c - a-t-t-a-c-k
  7. I've gotten like mild panic attacks when i first started smokin but nothing that bad.
    Like when i would panic i would feel Cold then hot, I felt like my heart was pumping
    out of my chest, my vision was blurry, and i felt like i was dying lol .I didn't get to
    the point where I'm completely blind and deaf. That sucks though it happened
    while you were walking home. Could be your body panicking, but if you've been smoking
    for a while shouldn't happen.
  8. i really dont think it was a panic attack because ive been smoking atleast 3 times a week for about 4 years now and its never happened. also, i was with some good friends not worried about anything. And from what ive read about panic attacks, its not complete blindness / deafness.
  9. this has been happening to me recently too. like the past 3 times i've smoked. (and i smoke inside so it's not heat stroke)

    i'm not sure what it is. it might have something to do with physical activity. lol happened to me this morning when i was taking a shower. couldn't even condition my hair! had to get out and lay down.
  10. if you find out touq, pls tell me cause i was terrified.
  11. Must be something physical then. Not sure never happened to me ever.
    BTW looks similar to this post
    (found by Googleing) Help might be in there.

  12. I'll let the bold speak for itself. Next time make sure you eat and drink something before you blaze.
  13. iv had that happen a couple times on very hot days when iv smoked a ridiculaous amount of fire. doesnt sound nearly as bad as your trip though , but now im known as the kid "who comes in and passes out on the couch" at mcdonalds

    4 times now :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  14. In fact remembering back on it, about 4 days ago, i was in the back of a pickup truck with a camper on it, very hot and I was already high and thirsty, smoked a bowl, got out in the scorching heat, smoked a blunt, THEN got back to to the mall and my hearing went.:confused:

    Thats how it was for me.

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