Looking for a way to clean a OLD bong.

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  1. So i found one of my old bongs today. It sat with water in it for prob 6 months since I let a friend use it and he returned it to my wife who put it in a corner lol i thought he still had it till i found it today. I am trying to figure out a way to clean it out and get the old nasty bong water taste out of it. I tried to clean it with salt and alchool and that was kind of a no go. It got the resin out but it still taste terrible and it also has a ring of resin towards the top just under the down spout where water sat. I was wondering could I use CLR to clean this as i believe their may be calcium or lime buildup in the tube. If not anyone else got any solutions instead of alchool and salt? Thanks so much

    Toby Mac
  2. try orange chronic cleaner or simple green cleaner
  3. Id love to but closest glass shop to me is about 30 miles and they are closed. So im looking for a home remedy.
  4. coarse sea salt and nail polish remover and hot water.
  5. You can buy simple green at any Walmart. Cork the joint, fill up the tube and check back in a few days. Should rinse spotless with some warm water.
  6. acetone, shits harsh so make sure to give it a thorough rinsing. It will remove everything, salt helps too.
  7. I will second Simple Green exactly as the guy above me suggested. It was $11 for like a gallon of the stuff at Walmart. Just don't get it on labels because it will eat them away. But yeah just let it soak and check out your sparkling piece in a few hours (I use it overnight).

    If you have a bunch of labels on your piece, or need it clean immediately use any coarse salt (I use epsom salt) and 99% isopropyl alcohol and just shake it up in there a few times. I just ball up some pieces of saran wrap to plug the downstem and mouth piece and giver. Works every time
  8. Also to get the smell out use dish/hand soap, takes the nasty bong smell right out. As for possible build up in it, i dont see why CLR couldnt be used in glass but i prefer to shake some white vinegar around in my bong and it takes out water stains. just a couple tricks to keep in mind.
  9. Have you tried putting the iso in the microwave? The hot iso works a lot better than room temp. Only do it for 30 seconds
  10. yea, if you have some hot ass water, run it through beforethe iso wash
    then rinse with extrememly hot water.
    also? if your able to get a device in there iso and cotton balls or qtips will clean anyresin stain RIGHT off the glass.
    i do it every other day haha
  11. Simple green is reusable as well, and ignila, your Walmart must be expensive lol. I think I paid $6 for my gallon!
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    One word, Canada. Haha, you guys get way better deals on almost everything south of the border from houses all the way to household cleaners haha. The only things we have you on are softwood lumber and maple syrup lol.

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