Looking for a second opinion on this mycorrhizal inoculant

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  1. Hey y'all I'm looking to buy some mycorrhizal fungi mix. I've used dynomyco, and trifecta brand in the past. They both seem to work fine; but they go fast and can be pricey over time (especially the trifecta brand using it as a soil drench)

    In my searches, I stumbled across this:


    Soo apparently this stuff is made for tree root systems (?), Hardwoods, and other "plants".. ALTHOUGH, it doesn't specifically mention herb..
    It seems like it is a very concentrated mix, so it seems like it will last a while.. I plan to use the suggested ratios and feeding schedules with it aswell. I just want a second opinion before I buy it and possibly have troubles.. that being said- what do y'all think? Did I find something worth while? I'm trying to save money where I can so the longer something can last, the better.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. I like extreme gardenings myko WP. I did a top dressing and added more medium and within about 3 days I had almost double the ppm uptake by the plant. I’m still a newbie but I was impressed, ordered the azos a few days later, haven’t tried it yet
  3. Says avoid high phosphorus nutrients, cannabis uses quite a bit of phosphorus during flower. Have you tried Great White? Uses 1tsp per 2 gallons of water. That's how I use it for root drenches rather than sprinkling at transplant.

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  4. Myco applications and cannabis hobby growing is like whip cream & pie....

    Even if you skip the whip cream, the pie will still be great tasting....and honestly, you wouldn't be able to taste a real difference with or without.....its more like a cherry on top of the sundae

    now who's ready for some sweet snacks!
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  5. Thank you all for all of the tips and recommendations! Happy holidays!

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  6. I just use Great White. It has the most diverse number of fungal species and it works great. One teaspoon per 25 gallons of mixed nutrient solution.

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