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Discussion in 'General' started by Tweech's Zone, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Back a few months ago, I remember coming across a post here on these boards that had a link to a site that showed these weird looking creatures singing a song about the moon or cheese (or both?!) or something. Those characters are currently featured on some commercial for some fast food restaurant. I've told the people at work that there's a site out there with these weird critters on it and that I'd find the site and report back to them.

    Does anyone remember the post I'm talking about? I've done a search on 'moon' but there's like 5 pages of links and some of those threads are pretty lengthy (1400 posts?!!). I'd appreciate some help on this.

    It was a thread that dealt with something like "Weird things on the Net" or "things to do while you're stoned" or something along those lines.

    There's a free virtual hit in it for the person that can help me find that thread!
  2. Is it the quiznos comericial u are talking about wtih the weird lookin hampsters that sing?????
  3. That quiznos commercial annoys me so badly...

    I believe they are rats.

    That's like advertising a fancy restaurant with singing roaches...you just don't do it.
  4. first time i saw that commercial i was like wtf???? are those.....
    i also thought they were hamsters.....with their little feet all tucked up.
  5. If ya ever need to look for a thread, try searching first... you'd be suprised with what youd come up with.... then ask away...seemed to work out pretty good...

  6. Thanks for the condescending encouragement. Here's a quote from my original post:

    After doing that search and then reading that I should do a search first, I decided to do a second search on 'cheese'... which got me nowhere closer than I had been to finding the post.

    So, once again, I ask your assistance on this one. And yes, it is the Quizno's commercial. Freaky little screamin' creatures. Doesn't really make me want to run out to grab a bite at Quizno's... not if those little gremlinesque critters are going to be there!

    Hey, gravy, maybe you could do the search for me... maybe I'm doing it incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Calm yourselves.
  8. sweet god... bring on the nightmares

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