Looking for a plant that uses similar nutrients to Cannabis

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  1. Can someone tell me a plant that is similar to marijuana in terms of nutrients used and growing conditions? The reason I ask is that I am considering starting a hydroponic garden and would like to discuss a nice set up that fits my budget with the employees at my local hydroponics store but according to their website they cannot discuss marijuana even if you have a doctor recommendation (I do).  I figured I could just tell them I am growing tomatoes (or whatever plant thrives in similar conditions as cannabis)and they could help me out.
    Sorry that this is poorly written but I have been under tremendous stress lately and I've been getting hardly any sleep so it is hard to focus.

  2. There ya go; you answered your own question - tomatoes are perfect.

  3. While plants have different styles such as vines compared to trees,  The growing requirements are typically the same only the structure is different.  Tomatoes and other large fruit and vegetable plants are best suited to high lighting and run the same nutrients.  Stick more with a veggie grow instead of an herb grow.
  4. Dudes stand around in the hydro shop talking horticulture for hours without naming a single plant. Pretty much any term is fair except ones that refer to cannabis by name. Training methods, light cycles, flowering periods, ph/ppm, ...the only time I'd mention another plant is if I'm actually growing it and really need their advice on it. Otherwise I leave that category blank, they know what we're growing.
  5. Thanks everyone for your answers! I'll head down there some time this week. If I end up growing some really good buds I'll post some pics ;)
  6. "If I end up growing some really good buds I'll post some pics"
    If you really cared you'd send us some samples...

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