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Looking for a perc 800$ to spend

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by d3a1, May 16, 2010.

  1. tk is sketch bro, bm ftw
  2. only if you deal with sketch people, my friend got an amazing worked circ/circ on there, i got a sick cap to 8 from someone on there, just gotta know who you're dealing with
  3. Yeah I agree with you its safe if you know who you are dealing with and just use tahoe kush cuz they have a way to get your $ bck if stolen
  4. It's the internet. You can't know who you're dealing with unless you've met irl. There have been several "well-known" individuals who turned scammer on fmb and other places.

    I will rarely ever use TK again because I almost got fucked as a seller. Long story short the guy filed a non-receipt dispute basically the first day I could have possible mailed the bubbler. If I had chosen to mail the bub that day I would have been out almost $300 with nothing to show for it. TK has no way of getting you your money back d3a1... not sure where you heard that.

  5. damm ok, and I dont wana bother with spending 10$ to get on a site cuz thenb i gota go put money on my card just to join it
  6. Exactly, I've heard multiple of those same horror stories from TK, ppl trying to get their money still from verry "respected" members.

    Boromarket is tha SHIT! If your into glass it's worth it to join for for the damn chat, deals go down in there like nothing
  7. WellI found a disc/13 arm toro for 640$ + tax and 15% off for tc members n im going to buy it at his store so I think I found a steal :) from headin to hurtle
  8. Definitely a better deal than a lot of shops. $580 otd for a brand new disc/13 would be very hard to beat. I've only seen secondhand go lower than $550.
  9. Good Deal Man, great choice, that tube rips!
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