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Looking for a perc 800$ to spend

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by d3a1, May 16, 2010.

  1. Amen!!!

    Epic fail!!!
  2. if im not mistaken,he said he got a,as in he already has one and now wants to get a sick tube,i re-read it a few times,maybe im a jackass but thats how i took it,,peace LEAR
  3. well if that's the case i feel like an ass....but still that would be a terrible buy nonetheless

    OP you here and care to reply?
  4. Reading comprehension for the win! I think that's what he meant too. It was kind of vague though.

  5. Yeah same here, I just didn't wanna say it and be wrong lol!
  6. Damn guys. damn. If you're still looking OP I just saw a crazy disc 13 TORO with worked shields and all in your price range. The Disc/13 is probably the best liked TORO tube of them all.

  7. Dumb question: What does the 'disc 13' part mean? Is it just part of the name or does it have an actual meaning? Sorry, I'm a high-end glass n00b lol!
  8. I see you around here all the time.. you've never seen a disc/13? It means the tube has a stemless disc diffuser followed up the tube by a 13 arm percolator. This is actually the one I was talking about.

  9. You think people like that more than the circ/circ?
  10. I had the red eye for a year now lol, and I am still looking for a perc so stop posting saying you failed cuz I didnt fail I found a 13/9 toro for 600$ brand new so I think I did awesome actully.
  11. Thats my dream bong but i found a 13/9 for 600 with tax n shit so idk about 750 for a disc instead of 9 arm perc on the fixed stem
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    Yeah... at least people who have tried or owned many TOROs. My personal favorite is the circ/circ but I've come across a lot of heads who swear by the disc/13.

    As far as collectors opinion's that I've seen I think the consensus among those that have tried several is:

    1. Disc/13
    2. Inline/13
    3. Circ/Circ

    I've never tried the inline/13. My list is:

    1. Circ/Circ
    2. Disc/Circ
    3. 8/13
    Runner Up: Disc/13

    A lot of people actually prefer the disc to a fixed stem. The reason is the fixed stem trees flow too much for some people's preference. I sort of agree. The hit feels so airy it's almost like you're not smoking. The chug of the stemless disc fixes that and whatever perc its combined with makes it smooth.

    13/9? Never heard of that one. Maybe they mean an 8/13 with the undiffused arm in the middle? Either way $600 isn't bad... but I've seen much lower. Price depends a lot on when it was made since TORO started reinforcing arms to the bottom of the perc chamber a while back and those are worth more imo. I'd also recommend going for a secondhand tube babied by a collector. You save on the sticker and you get what is basically a brand new tube. The one I posted is a $1400 tube retail and it's priced at under 800 at the moment. A new brand new prodo disc/13 sells for almost that much.
  13. Prodo disc?
  14. By that I mean production. Toro makes a shit ton of regular, ordinary production tubes... then there are the heady ones with the worked shields and custom stuff. The one I posted isn't a typical prodo disc/13.
  15. we misunderstood you brotha. if you get a Toro stick with it. best glass on the market and in your price range.
  16. Actually SG is the best on the market, and also in his price range.
  17. i havent decided what type to get and I havent been able to find any sg's rlly that are nice
  18. [​IMG]

  19. idk i mean i havent ripped an SG so i dont know...but my buddys Toro is like breathing air...its the best ive had so far...but believe me SG is my favorite glass regardless hah
  20. No one on gc uses tahoe kush or ne thing n would like to sell a glass peice lmk my acct name is d3a1

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