Looking for a part-time job/your experiences?

Discussion in 'General' started by poker2, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I'm looking to get my first part time job. Any suggestions? What's it like working/how did you find it (things you did, how you liked it etc..)? I'v done tech services(but that wasn't under something at a store or anything)
  2. One word.

    Even though it's three words.

    Pizza. Delivery. Driver.
  3. What work experience do you have?
  4. first job. volunteered at a clothing store for a little bit.
    Think they'll hire me at athletes world? or something similar?
  5. avoid fastfood places! i worked at mcdonalds for a year and a half and wanted to kill myself every day i worked.
  6. It all depends who you work with, any job is manageable if you enjoy the company of those around you. Where do your friends work?
  7. Retail stores are fun as hell to work in, and easy too. I worked at one that was pretty much a Walmart. When I worked all I did was stock shelves or straighten them and load things into customers cars
  8. fuck man i have been out of rehab and looking for a job

    and it seems to be a right place right time kind of thing....
  9. Why don't you wait tables? You have the potential to make a ton of fucking money. Just an idea.
  10. sell weed, get high and make money in the process

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