Looking for a pair of Shoes, Need Advice!

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  1. Hey guys, I'm getting ready to go off to play college soccer in the fall, so im looking for a new pair of training shoes so i can get fit this summer!

    I'm looking for a pair of shoes thats good for hitting the gym in, but i can also run in and do sprints etc. Kinda an all purpose shoe for training.

    Suggestions please!!! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hmm well if you're looking for the absolute best, I hear a lot of great things about New Balance. They are very well made.

    Brooks also has a very good line and their new shoes are badass. They've stepped their game up.

    Or if you want to try something different, I know a lot of people who like running in Vibram Five Fingers. It feels like barefoot running (which is better for your feet) but provides a shell of protection. Don't wear them in public though, you'll look like a douche :p
  3. I'll look into the Brooks and New Balance, but i doubt I'd be allowed to wear the Vibram's into the gym (they have rules no sandals etc).

    Keep em coming, and maybe post pics of specific choices. Thanks!
  4. I'm not sure which shoes are built for which particular foot structure or whatever, you'll have to look into that. I'm around a lot of running nerds which is how I hear about all this, btw. Lol.

    Glycerin, Defyance, and Ghost all get raves from the track team I know.
  5. What shoes are you training in now?

    New Balance is always good.
    Nike Free Trainer's are good, but there's very little support--it's the barefoot technology, but I love mine.
    Brooks are fucking ugly, but if you're only looking for function...:rolleyes:
    I absolutely love Karhu for running shoes, but I don't know how well they'd hold up in a training scenario. Category - Mens
    And of course, Adidas

  6. Excellent point. If your primary use for these is hitting the gym, then you may want to go with one of the trend brands that releases a new shoe every 3 weeks. Brooks, however, were made with runners in mind.
  7. I agree 100%. Brooks are great for running. They just need to fire their entire design team. It's 2011, not 1992! What's up with all the silver stripey things? ugh.

    Karhu ftw!

    But yeah, different activity, different shoe needs. I say buy a great running shoe and buy a pair of trainers. There. Problem solved. :)
  8. Haha thank you guys for the suggestions! I was trying to be somewhat cost efficient by trying to combine a shoe that would perform while I'm running and working out. I love those free trainers from Nike you suggested and they seem to get rave reviews online. Also, i found the lunarglide+2. any opinions on them?
  9. I like the looks of them and they appear to be a little sturdier than the free trainers, but I've never tried them on. They look pretty comfortable though...

    If you will just be running (on a track, street, etc) and working out inside a gym, then go with the Free Trainers/Run (there are 2 versions), but if you are going to be practicing on the field you need something a little more substantial, imho.
  10. Well, on the pitch i use my cleats for running and plyo, etc. I'm either gonna go with the
    Freetrainer 2s, the Lunarglide 2+, or the FreeRuns. I'm goin tomorrow to the mall to try them all on, then gonna find the cheapest spot online to order them. Thanks everyone!
  11. chuck taylors.

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