Looking for a oil rig and torch

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  1. Hi guys I'm looking for a oil rig cheap no more than $40.00 but one that's not gonna break on the first couple times used. Any suggestions will help. I'm also a beginner. The other thing what torch should I get. I'm looking at the blaser gt8000, errlybird, newport. Idk so many choices. But I think the gt8000 is were it's at. Also the B.B.B. Torch. I want a good one that won't break like some of the others I have seen.
  2. Going to be hard finding an oil rig for $40. Usually because they are thicker glass. Which in my opinion thicker glass is always worth it. If price isn't too much of a thing check out diamond glass.

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  3. bro you seem to care more about your torch then your rig. id suggest getting a decent 100 dollar or so rig you really like ( not some chiense trash) and just picking up a simple butane hand torch from homedepot
  4. first off I didn't ask for a smart ass answer. Secondary. What does it matter if I care about my torch. I don't have a bunch of money to throw away. I'm new to this. And I don't have money to waste. I never said the torch is more important. I know the names of the torches. Not oil rigs. Like I said I'm new to this.
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  5. thank you for the suggestion I'll take a look.
  6. Lol I know that Its my first one I don't care if it's a cheapie. I just need something to get me going. I'm looking at dhgate. Most are cheap. But I found some really good ones.
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    Pretty much I'm looking for one to get me by til I can save up for a nice one.
  8. Dhgate is your best bet for cheap Chinese glass
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  9. LOL. omg you say you're trying to save up to buy a van? wtf? :icgreen:
  10. Thanks I was looking through
    there and I found a few really quality pieces. That's probably were I might get it there. Unless I find a outlet or wholesalers that I haven't found yet.
  11. Can not van it's called a typo...Sorry you couldn't figure that out yourself
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  12. Take the chip off your shoulder, bud. Mocha gave you some good advise.
  13. Wich is what telling me to buy something out of my limit? Honestly I didn't think I'd get trashed on for asking what brand of torch. Thanks for the advise.
  14. I got my nice little slyme rig at my local shop for 99.99. Super smooth for being basic and it wasn't China glass (made local). I've had it for 2 years now no issues. I recommend going to somewhere local so you can actually look and inspect the glass.

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