Looking for a nice pure indica to start growing again! HELP!

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  1. Greetings all!

    I used to post a few years back when I first started growing way back in college - seems like an eternity ago!! Well, I took a break for a little over a year after I graduated, in order to clear my mind and get a real job, and get on with the real world for a bit. That has been accomplished, and now I'm looking to get back in on growing! And this time I'm going to do it right - better equipment, tighter controls, and no more shifty apartment growing!!

    So I've got a good idea of what to do next - but what I don't know is what seedbanks or strains are all the rage right now!

    What are some strains you're growing RIGHT NOW, or grew out recently that you really liked? I'm primarily looking for a good yielding, short flowering indica (feminized) to get back into the thick of things and have a good stash set aside before I start doing some crazy experiments with sativas and the like.

    I previously grew a few rounds of Blue Cheese that I really enjoyed, also Super Lemon Haze (too long to flower though) and C99.

    tl;dr Post indicas you're growing right now that you would recommend to a fellow grower getting back into the game!! :smoking:
  2. bumpin... no one has any recommendations? I might just get a couple of C99 seeds anyway but any one with a good strain feel free to chime in...
  3. Landrace Afghani kush, and Afghani special is what Im growing now. Pure indica goodness.
  4. Ah I assumed that was only for seed bank reviews and not necessarily for strain talk as well. Perhaps a mod could push this thread in the right area??

    Ahh yes definitely looking into Kush and Skunk... or perhaps a hybrid of the two!!
  5. Cant go wrong with afghan or skunk. I smoked some ozone from michigan super indica lol. It was a cross between cherry ak x northern lights. God bud is good to
  6. Attitude seeds!
  7. Oh yeah, I remember attitude from a few years back!!! Interesting that I only see people post about Attitude now, whatever happened to Worldwide Seeds?!? That's the place I used to order from, do people still use them?!
  8. Excellent, thanks for the recommendations... filing em away in my little spreadsheet to continue my research over the next week or so :)

    So far I have these (in addition to the stuff that's already been recommended in this thread):

    -Blue Dream -Northern Skunk -OG Kush -Afghani Kush -Girl Scout Cookies
    The first 4 are all familiar to me, I've come across them in various dispensaries before... but Girl Scout Cookies is a new one to me :confused::confused::confused:
  9. What about indica dominent hybrids.
  10. purple urkel is a good one and Grandaddy
  11. Banana Kush, Darkstar, Cold creek kush, Vanilla kush.
  12. Starting up again? Keep it simple... Northern Lights

  13. Yup... I always recommend NL or Aurora Indica. As far as seed banks I order from seed boutique with no issues ever. Good luck and welcome back

  14. HA! Funny you mention Aurora Indica, that was the first plant I ever grew!! I don't remember too much about it, but it's in my first grow journal. Looks like it didn't do as well as the others I grew, but I think a couple of plants ended up dominating most of the space I had at the time.

    Yeah, I was definitely thinking some kind of NL cross since I'm just getting back into the thick of things. Such a good starter strain.
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    I've been growing Rocklock (warlock x rockstar) for the past 9 months, and I absolutely love it. 7 weeks of budding to mature to harvest, 8 weeks to get rock hard buds though. Easily 3 oz/plant with a 25-30 day veg grown under a 400 watt. Usually able to get a total of 6-7 ounces from 2 plants.

    The high is a nice relaxing body high, but it doesn't give you the munchies hardcore, and doesn't leave you exhausted and falling asleep when it wears off. That's one of the most appealing factors of the strain to me, IMO. It's a great strain to focus and concentrate on something, get work done, etc.

    With this plant you're going to want to focus on main branches and prune off the small lower branches if possible, or minimize them. The tops stretch a decent amount but they fill in very nicely.

  16. Ahhh Rocklock. I got a it as a free seed once a couple of years ago - such a promising strain!!

    Somehow I let the seed dry out on the paper towel I was germinating it on :/ looks like it's time to give it another look!
  17. Morange that is one of the most beautiful buds ive ever seen.
  18. Thank you kindly my friend, I like this strain a lot and I'm getting better each crop as I figure out exactly what it needs.:smoking:

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