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Looking for a new tube. Need suggestions.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by isimon, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Alright guys im looking into buying a new tube for when im able to smoke again. I want a cheap but good quality glass on glass on glass bong. Im looking for some quality work at a low price and i need some brand names i should look for. The bong itself i want to cost at most 150 no ice pinch needed. Im also looking to get a ash catcher with a 4 arm perc to go with it. So does anyone know any other sites that sell nice glass for cheap besides GC and grasscity? Also does anyone know any brand name tubes that are of good quality and in my price range? Thanks.
  2. Finding a decent tube for less than 150 is not difficult. You can also get a diffuser or spiffy slide/ash catcher with that price. Percolaters, however, add a lot more to the price. You'll have to be lucky in order to find a perc'ed tube for 150.
  3. Look for anything with a good carb to volume ratio. Also be sure that the glass is nice and thick. You don't want your tube to break at the slightest bump. Check out your local headshop to see how much they do their custom glasswork for.
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    I do not want one with a carb, i hate carbs i love hearing the bubbling of the water when clearing it out. anyways im planning on going to the local shops in the next few days but the stuff they have is usually pretty expensive. Ive had my eye on these two pieces.

    Never heard of 'weed star' but the other one is a no name. I dont know what to do!!!

    Edit: I'm also looking at an EHLE dont know which one though they are all cheap.
  5. alright ive decided on an EHLE. Now i need to decide if I should go for a 500ml or the 1000ml. 2000ml looks sick but may be too big for me lol.

    Also if I get the 1000ml I have a choice between a 18 mm joint or a 29 mm joint. So many choices.

  6. If you do get that one I would go with the 18mil. It's just a lot harder to find 29mil slides from my experience.
  7. By carb, I didn't meant you shouldn't get a slide tube. I just meant you should get a larger joint that will help you efficiently clear your tube faster. Seriously, you should only be buying a waterpipe after you've tried a couple and decided it's your preferred smoking method. By that time, you should be able to decided what size chamber and downstem you like.
  8. #9 isimon, Feb 16, 2009
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    Oh ok I was going to say about that carb I dont see the point of having a GonG bong with a carb hole lol. I've hit plenty of bongs and I deffinatly like the bigger ones with more space to fill up. I just bought a SYN that is way too thin (as in tube width not glass width) and I hate it (already selling it)

    And KingJesus yeah its definitely hard to find 29 mm replacement bowls so I'll probably go with the 18. Plus the 29mm bowl looks massive.

    I'll post up pics of my SYN for shits'n'giggles.

    Also threw in some pics of my new pipe for no particular reason.

    Oh and btw I found some pics online of the EHLE 2000ml. Its massive

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