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  1. I'm in the market for a new car and wanted some advice on what I should get. I'm debating between either getting a truck, jeep, or some sort of car with some balls.

    I'm leaning towards a car with a good amount of horsepower that will blow all my friends away, but still stay within my budget. I'm looking to spend up to 10 grand for a new toy since I'm in my last year of school currently and can't go crazy with the budget.

    any recomendations would be great and I'm open minded to both foreign and domestic (would prefer domestic).
  2. You can find an 02-04 Mustang GT for under 10k easy
  3. mitsubishi lancer evo 9
  4. I am currently looking to get rid of my H3 and get a Mustang now that I am back in Cali.
    You can get a good deal on nice used Mustang GTs...(2007 for 18-22K) The gas mileage isn't bad either....Something to consider, unless you live in snow and need a front wheel/4wheel/or AWD....

  5. Mustang gt isn't a bad consideration for me. Plenty of mods for the mustangs available. Keep me coming.
  6. Domestic: Ford Mustang 1964-69, 2000-2005.
    Foreign: VW Jetta, GTI or GLI 1.8T, BMW E30 or E36 + Boost.
  7. If you want power an LS1 Fbody (1998-2002 Camaro/Trans am). ~315 horsepower for $5-10k EASY. They are everywhere. Youtube videos of races they are potent, even stock.
  8. I'd say go for the mustang for power. The v8's will be moderately fast stock anyways, faster than most ricers on the roads. Add a few mods, some window tint and a sound system and it will look nice.

    This summer I plan on buying a mustang myself, although I will miss my ranger :( Just need a bit more room and something fast...even though mustangs aren't real roomy.

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