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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Buddood, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hey stoners! About a year ago I bought my first vaporizer, the dragon lite. It worked awesome but I let a friend borrow it and haven't heard or seen that friend since. I just set aside money and Ive got $250 budgeted for one. I've been looking around but I would rather ask and get some responses on first hand uses!
  2. $250 is a good price range.
    I'd say, the one you wanna look at are:
    The Pinnacle Pro
    The Arizer Solo
    The Firefly
    The Lotus
    The Ascent
    Those are a good starting point.
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    Id say the arizer solo.I own one and love it like a brother.Its really small and gets warm fast. Hasnt burned any of my product. FOr the price and green saved while using, you could dispose of the solo in one year and still be totally worth it. If you want a desktop vape go for SSV or DBV or Extreme Q . MFLB is sorry excuse for a vape....
    BTW I started with the Dragon lite and Im so glad I didnt cash out on a MFLB.I think its an insult they'd sell me a piece of wood a bent copper wire and a screen with glass and some metal fasteners for $150. If you like the DL, you will fall in love with one of those vapes..

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