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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by RayCharles89, May 26, 2013.

  1. Im looking for a new piece, Right now im at work so not really able to look that stuff up, currently using my phone on break. 
    Let me describe my scenario a bit. I live with my parents, its just 3 people in the house. They dont know that i smoke but lets not say they've never raised an eyebrow. 
    I need a "stealth" piece. I have a lockbox I can hide it in from them but I need a piece that is compact and practical. Something that can easily fit in my pocket. If anyone could link something that fits the description that would be great =)

  2. One word.

    Here's one of mine.
    Just a glass one hitter w a bigger bowl

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    i used to have a little blue metal piece that i could assemble into a piece and reassemble it into a keychain. here's what it looked like: [​IMG]
    and then you could just unscrew the bowl piece and the carb-cover and it would look like a inconspicuous keychain!
  4. Glass chillim all the way
  5. chillum or the MFLB
  6. Never carry any kind of keychain pipe, Roach clip, or any keychain paraphernalia for that matter. First thing a police officer takes when he searches your vehicle is your keys. You prolly don't want to be handing over paraphernalia

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  7. I have an MLFB and its great. Extremely portable and discreet. The box doesn't let off much smell and holding your tokes makes it almost odourless. My mum/brother have never noticed a smell in the house other than when I'm smoking lol so I get away pretty easily with vaporising.
  8. glass chilly
  9. Get one of those one hitter fake cigarette things.

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