Looking For A New Pc, Need Expert Opinions

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Ratio, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I need a new PC, mostly just for light work like browsing, listening/downloading music and movies, and other simple stuff. Its going to be a gift from me to an older family member. I know a little bit about computers but not a whole lot. I was looking on Best Buy and saw this one (link below). I just don't know like, is the AMD chip any good? or does it not even matter?
    I would like any and all opinions on this since I'm spending a pretty penny for this. I would like any PC I buy to at least have 500gb HD, 2gb ram, 14+ inch screen, and be a laptop not a desktop.
    link to the one I found and am considering
    on a side note, when buying an internet plan they offer different GB sizes. How much do you guys use in a month? I was going to get him 2gb per month since there only going to be doing basic stuff.
    Thanks for any help you can offer blades!

  2. For just basic browsing, downloading, and watching that laptop is just fine. I'm sure other people on here will say go for more RAM and or go Intel haha (Joke) but Yea for what you intend to use it for its good.

    Also 2gb a month lol! I get a 1TB (Terabyte) a month on shaw broadband 250. What are your download and upload speeds your getting? Also in no way do you need a TB a month that's just what they offer for shaws best internet package. I'm sure anywhere from 50-300gb a month is fine depending on how much your download and upload videos and music and what not.
    Alright, see the chip set brands really don't matter at the end of the day ... My personal laptop is a 2006 Acer AMD ... 7 years in the business and still going strong with some minor problems now!
    I have an internet plan of 20GB at 2Mbps per month ... Works good for my usage :)
    The config you looking to give away is cool enough for em to do their basic shit on ... It's good!
  4. 2GB per month.  My phone has been on the fritz lately and is leaking that much data into my phone per week as of recent.
    2GB per month for me on a computer would never work lol, ive downloaded 10 times that much in the past few days or so.  Thats not counting anything added up while playing games or streaming video.  
    Whoever you are buying this for think about if they will be watching a lot of live HQ video, or downloading a lot.

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