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    Hey guys so here is my question. This will be about my fifth grow but i used to use just 3 lamps with CFL lights that were 100 Watt, But now that I got some extra money I wanna buy a HPS & MH lighting system. Thing is I am trying to spend like 150 all together on this but most are like $164 than 30 dollar shipping. I was just wondering if any of you knew where I could get a cheaper Grow light system or if I even need a switchable lighting system. Thanks Guys.

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  2. I recco htgsupply-dot-com. They have a kit for about $165 that includes both HPS and MH conversion bulbs, or a kit for about $120 I believe that is just HPS.
  3. Yea that is where I was looking at. Do you need both HPS and MH lights or is one better than the other. Like if I buy one that is both HPS and MH what benifits do i get from that?

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  4. Check out the Econo HPS system on the Grow Lights page from insidesun.com. I got mine for I believe $169 shipped (maybe it was $189...?). Anyways I got the MH conversion bulb so I have 2 lights for the cost of, well basically, one light.

    Use MH for Vegatative Growth, and HPS for Flowering.

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