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Looking for a New Digital scale

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Backwoods86, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Well The Digi I just bought sucks and is not accurate at all and the weight of things fluctuates with it.

    So I'm looking for a Nice Digi under $30 that Has nice sized platform or tray and weighs in atleast .01 increments..

    Ebay would be the easiest place for me to get one from since I can just use paypal but online stores are cool to..

    Does anyone have any suggestions please?

  2. go to your local head shop test some out with a dollar....If it hit's 1.0 buy it.
  3. i got the cheap ones :)
  4. I seen that one before on ebay but I am kinda looking for something that weighs in .01 increments so I can accurately weigh small stuff as well.

    I would but I live in PA and finding a head shop here is like finding ice water in hell :p plus I lost my drivers license a while back so if I did find one getting there would be another issue
  5. Well not much you can do without even having a license lol..
    Most people go to their local HS to buy one..Bought mine for about $35 or so and has always worked fine.
  6. head shops over charge you so much, idk why, i got a great double digit scale (.01) from for like 11 dollars, its got a big platform, its been working great since i got it for christmas.
  7. Go to your local head shop and buy a blade.. Best scale ive ever bought for $25 bucks!
  8. I got this one for like 20 bucks at radio shack. it weights grams, ounces, basically everything, and works in 0.1 etc.

  9. You can get a good one from amazon for about $10-20.

    Amazon is great!
  10. [ame=] American Weigh Digital Pocket Gram Scale 100g x 0.01g w/ Removable Tray and Backlit LCD: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]
  11. I recommend the Ohaus - YA Gold Series Scale. Is almost exactly like the one I bought over two years ago. And unlike a lot of my buddies who have had problems galore with others they have bought I have never had trouble (even after bouncing it around a lot.)
    Pocket Scales -

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