looking for a new bong under 130

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  1. Im currently in between 3 bongs, but im keeping my options open and taking suggestions if you know a good one, i will be buying a carbon filter to go with one of these but i would just like to know which one of these bongs is good/ which one would be best to buy, if anyone might have any of these bongs and would like to chime in it would be very much appreciated :hello:

    Molino Mad Scientist V2 - Grasscity.com
    im thinking about this one but it looks like it may be weak towards the bottom moddle part where it gets smaller, also there is no ice catcher

    Blaze Glass - Premium Spiral Perc Beaker Base Ice Bong - Clear - Grasscity.com
    this one is very nice, i like the spiral perc on this and it looks very solid

    Grace Glass - 12-arm Perc Beaker Base 5mm Glass Ice Bong - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com
    this one im in love with and would buy it in a second if i knew the brand better, so far this one is my favorite but im unsure of the quality

    My question is which one is the best, OR what bong is the best choice for under 130 (if you know of a better one) :)
  2. I have the grace glass one and I enjoy it but by the time shipping adds in you're going to be spending more than you're willing to spend. ( it was about 30 dollars for standard shipping) if you just spend 300 dollars on one you get free shipping. But your smart not to spend much money on your first bong. Also if you choose not to get the grace glass bong make sure you get a bong without a carb as the slider works just
    as well. The only downside to the blaze glass bong is that it comes with a carb and a rubber peice to insert when you're not using It looks sick but is a average bong. Good weld points very sturdy it can withstand a few tip overs. Don't even bother with the mad scientist bong all kinds of problems with that one related to quality

    Honestly the the grace one is the best one you got listed there but it is just a average bong it's not bad, at all and it is extremely durable I've dropped mine a couple times with no scratches. Be sure to keep clumsy friends away from your new peice! Cheers, happy toking

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