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  1. Hello. My name's Jeff. I'm a 26 year old dude that's been to 4 different colleges and hated the idea of working in every field I was studying for. I'm a 4.0 student with very little effort, but my passion has always been in my side projects. I love to read any and all new information that is presented to me. I'm extremely technically oriented. I could manually program a system to control co2, temp, humidity, fans and have updates sent to your phone along with video if you'd like. I studied for a bit to be a mechanical engineer, and I'm currently studying computers and circuits, but I'm feeling like I need to stop beating around the bush and do what I was born to do. I want to grow medical marijuana, and I want to learn from some of the best growers around. Aside from my dad, I'm the hardest working person I know. I'm going to finish this semester but after that, I'd love to relocate. I feel like I could be a tremendous asset to anyone SERIOUS grower. PM me

  2. You need to be good with
    fluid dynamics
    On and on. ...............

    But youre gonna be working for free for a long time

    You should get legal and experiment with a few cycles of your own....its not for everyone, you could be the hardest worker on earth...it means little when you are trying to tune a plant. ..they do the work.

    No one is gonna let you hop on a successful thing they did themselves.
    Most just take your card and give you a discount hahaha
  3. Everyone's flooding the industry now thinking they're going to make it, I bet competition is getting tight. Especially for someone with no experience, when established growers are also getting into it.
    I'm confused. Are you offering to help growers? Yet have zero growing experience? 
    Unless I have something confused may I suggest you grow for a few years and get good at it. Once you know what you are doing you can help people out. 
    There will never be any money to be made in this area mind. People offer help in this area for free. I have been helping people for 20 years, all for free of course
  5. Unfortunately i went this way also...i had years where i charged people for every little thing....quit and focused on donating time and care....AND IT RAISED MY BOTTOM LINE magically!!!! God/life works in funny ways hahahah

    I have a few business plans that outline real time water, electric and dispensibles costs...what a clone or gram costs to make.... on and on.....ill tell you right now i can make a lot of money but if you go big time you have big time problems....atfe...dea...irs...state....county...and just good ole competition. (I personally have watched dispensaries get shut down) its sad....they give you a sheet of paper, break your safe, drop boxes and registers....then box anything of value up and say bye bye...see you in court.
  6. I'll probably have to learn on my own. I just thought I'd see what was out there. I have zero growing experience but have hundreds of hours of research.  It's only theoretical knowledge, but it's a start..
  7. Hey bud.....you only get wet when you jump in the pool....looking at the pool means dick
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    I don't think you could be an asset to someone unless you are able to bring something to the table that they can't already do. 
    I would just start growing off my own back, see how it goes and go from there. I have been growing 20 years. When I had been growing a year I thought I was an expert, but now I know I didn't know Jack
  9. Hey man, I have a very good friend that wants to jump on anything he can, has every plan in the world I have to listen to daily, and has yet to sew a seed. It just doesn't work. Dive in the pool

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