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Looking for a grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mjike, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. I'm looking into getting my first grinder. I would like to be able to collect kief. I'm just going to order one off of eBay and was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of what kind to get. I can't afford a space case or else I'd get that. I'm looking to spend around $30 tops. Thanks!
  2. I got my grinder at a headshop in minnesota for 20$. It has a kief collector and it looks like a poker case and nothing like a grinder at all id recommend getting something like this.
  3. i got mine at my LHS for 15 and it has a keif catcher
  4. You can get one for $10 with a kief catcher, its about quality
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    I got a 3" (fucking huge if you visualize it), 4 peace Lancer grinder. I won it in an eBay auction (did not use Buy it Now) and somehow I got it for under $15 including shipping. Quality is fantastic, and of course there's a kief collecter in it. This thing can yield around 2 grams in one grind.

    I'll try and find you a link to a similar auction, if I can.

    edit: Here is the exact grinder. It's got a buy it now for under $30 which is still an insane deal. Free shipping also.
  6. Chromium crusher
  7. id say go the extra mile and buy a mendo mulcher... had mine for a long ass time, and still the best grinder by far in my mind
  8. Thanks for the replies. What advantages would a mendo mulcher have over a chromium crusher or sharp stone? Also can they be purchased anywhere other than their website for under $50?
  9. A 40 dollar grinder will catch kief more effectively than a 15 dollar one. You always get what you pay for. Cheap grinders have issues like dull teeth, no magnets, screen too fine to catch anything, metal pieces or little metallic paint chips falling off from the threaded areas, etc.
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    Mendos are made in CA, whereas the Sharpstone and Crushers are made in China. I believe the mendo site is cheapest for Mendos.

    That being said, I have a silver 2.25" 4pc Sharpstone, and it works great. I'd stay away from the painted sharpstones, I've seen pics of the paint chipping.

    Edit to add: I'd spend the extra $20 and get a Space Case. I have a 2pc Med Space case, and you can tell the SC is simply a better made tool compared to the sharpstone.
  11. i have this exact same grinder XD it came as a bonus when i purchased one of my vaporizers, not to mention a pretty nice digital scale.

    anyways, i can definitely vouch for this grinder. personally, it only fits about a gram - a gram and a half, but its still a beast and collects a decent amount of kief.
  12. Don't get a chromium crusher. I have one and don't get me wrong it's great. Grinds up everything in an instant and the teeth are super sharp, but the kief catcher is what pisses me off. I get some kief starting in the chamber and next time I open it it's gone. Also you can tell it's cheaply made because it doesn't screw together right. It's noisy and you can just tell it's cheap as fuck.

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