Looking for a good self-improvement read. Book/Kindle Book.

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    ok well lately my social life has taken a down hill spiral (after partying, going out every weekend with peeps). To the point where the people i thought were my friends, arent. As a effect, ive stopped trying to make friends because ive grown to stop trusting people.Their are a few people i still do keep, but have distance with.

    Im at the point in my life where im just trying to finish up my undergrads and graduate and move on with my life. So I dont care about my social life in my college because im done partying.

    Im with my girlfriends pretty much 24/7 who im very serious with and see myself with in longterm (possibly marriage), unless one of us has work/school, but ive also been taking her for granted/treating her like shes not special. I give her alot of shit and i know i fucked up but sometimes i just cant help it when I realize it, but when i tell myself i would change i somehow turn back and end up giving her shit. We would have a couple of goods days, but somedays id get really agitated or annoyed of her for no apparent reason, perhaps i just take her for granted.

    Anyways, i wanna fill up some of my spare time, and thought id take a break from getting high this month and start reading a few self improvment books to better myself.

    Any recommendation on topics to becoming a better person, improving a relationship w/ your s/o, or anything related in those category?
  2. You'll learn a lot more through sitting down and thinking about your unique situation than by reading a generic book written to make people feel better about themselves. Look inside yourself and you'll find the answers you need. The herb and certain unmentionables actually help with this a fuckin lot.
  3. I wholeheartidly disagree.

    Apparently you've never actually read a self-improvement book and are just spurting off a recommendation that is clearly not what the OP asked for.

    If your advice were true, then self-help books wouldn't be one of the genres that sell the most out of any other type of book.

    Another good book is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

    Good reads to gain some real insight to your life.
    Sometimes we all need to read or hear advice first before we reaffirm it to actually start the process of change.
  4. I came in this thread to rec How to Win Friends and Influence People, but you beat me, you bastard. :D

    I would suggest Man's Search for Meaning, as well, it helped me see how we can overcome problems in our lives with rational thinking.
  5. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

    1. Be impeccable with your word.
    2. Don't take anything personally.
    3. Don't make assumptions.
    4. Always do your best.

    It's a short and easy read and it really sheds light on how we perceive ourselves and others.
  6. Nietzsche - beyond good and evil

    Not to play devil's adocate but that's definately a formal logical fallacy, argumentum ad populum.
  7. The Bible. The book of Romans is a good one
  8. "The Road Less Traveled"
  9. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirsig.

    It's not a "self help book" per se but it gives you a new perspective on life and definitely has helped me "grow" as a person

  10. my dad made me read this when i was like twelve i was really mad at him for forcing me to,but there is some good shit in there

  11. That book changed my life. What is quality?
  12. #1 The Go Getter, it can be read in one sitting. #2 The Slight Edge#3 The Magic of Thinking Big, #4 Master Key to Riches. Thank me later dude
  13. Rich dad poor dad is great too
  14. The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

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