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  1. Anyone know a good website to buy a good scale that has .1g increments and has a heavy max limit?
  2. I would suggest you buy accurate 'jeweler scales', that also display carat weight. These are very accurate, but may cost you. If you were to purchase just any gram weight scale, you may be looked at as a potential candidate for drug dealing, which you don't want to be confused as! Drug dealing is unlawful, so try and avoid things that may make you appear to be one.

    Typically, the scales will range up to 400g, or slightly more. Good for weighing fruit!
  3. Amazon works.. I personally have the American Weigh 600g scale. I just bought the calibration weight today as well!
  4. They sell good scales at smoke shops in cali idk where u live but DoDo scalesare like$20 and my last one lasted over a year using every day to manage my medicine use.
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    Different scale manufacturing companies use different techniques in scale manufacturing process. Can you share a little more for what purpose you need scale because a lot of different kinds of scales are available in market with different features.
    Agree with the above member amazon is a good source for buying online. 
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    Amazon is a really great source to get the desired scale. These days scales are mostly manufactured with special features to meet the specific requirements of the customers. There are many online scale stores which are providing their products according to the needs of customers. 

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