Looking For A Good Portable Vape For Hash For A Cruise?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by nativetongues, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Looking for something along the lines of a g pen. I'm considering buying one from a friend but I don't like how flimsy it feels. I feel like it will wear out quickly. Going on a cruise so I need a stealthy way to Smoke hash but I dont have more than like 80 bucks to spend. I Appreciate any help or insight anyone has
  2. I purchased the MicroG.. It's a set of 2 microg pens... onecharger.. a little tool to get your wax out.. two jars.. and I bought an extra coil cuz I felt it was a great idea to save on shipping later if it goes out... All came to 108 bucks including tax/shipping.  
    2 pens, tool to get wax out / dab with, 2 jars for wax, extra coil (heating element), and shipping all 108.. there was an add for 15% discount... so I went for it.
    I have a pharmacy nearby w/ 30$ / Gram wax... it's amber colored not black or dark.. Is that a good price? or should I haggle! :)
    I think I  can just load the stuff right on the wicks / coil thing.. idk ineed to do some research on the product before I use it!
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    You could always get an ego battery with the Atmos Bullet-2-go atomizer or Vhit atomizer. All three items are around $20 each. Personally I have only owned a Glass globe wax atomizer (probably not as inconspicuous as you would like for walking around, but is nice in the room maybe?) I just purchased both the Bullet and Vhit atomizers. :yay:
    Glass Globe Wax Atomizer
    Atmos Bullet-2-Go
    Vhit Atomizer
    Hope that helps some, I could post again after I use them if you'd like. 
  4. who needs a vape to get hi on a cruise? it would be easier with a vape as you could hit it in your room. as the exhaled vapor doesn't smell like burnt bud.  i smoked bud on a cruise. i even "caught" a few others burning. simply go to the rear of the boat,usually the wind is blowing to the rear of the boat so you just blow it behind and away from the boat. we smoked on the side of the boat many times with no problems. it is a lot easier to burn at night as most folks are indoors. shoot one night we sat at the rear of the boat just outside of the buffet room on the eating patio eating dinner and burned a couple bowls.  a vape is easier but trust me theres alot of burnin' on them there boats.    one word of caution: if docking in foreign countries even mexico don't step off the boat with anything you shouldn't be having coming back onto the boat. that is the most intensive searching we saw.. and also don't try to bring anything back into the u.s.a. as customs are pretty rough also. just leave some bud in the car.   other than that have a good time. i wish i was going!!!
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    I just got the MicroGin the mail... and I'm Very IMPRESSED! got a Gram of WA Wax.. it's kinda stringy / stretchy.... and difficult to load-but damn its nice! Was $30 agram... don't know if that's a great price- buti'm satisfied :D my spacekey is jacked up... and i'm too medicated to fix themistakes :D

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