looking for a good early flowering strain

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  1. ive been looking up strains that flower in september outdoors anyone have any experience with strains like early girl and early pearl and does anyone know about any other early flowering strains indica would be preferred because the weather they will be subjected to wouldn't be too nice for sativa thanks in advance
  2. C99 is a 45 day strain with broad indica type leaves, but smokes like kali mist without the hot spicy flavor. it beats the living shit out of ANYTHING i've smoked for 25 years except purer sativas. even 75% sativa skunk #1 gets bitchslapped as C99 is just as euphoric, but give you the energy to get up & fucking do something about it. i'd smoke the same C99 leaf trim i just tested last week on a dying plant i abused before the stickiest hardest nugget you could throw any day 24/7/365.

    i like a trippy buzz better, but for fast & small, C99 has kung fu the other dojos don't
  3. sweet thank you very much pokernaut im gonna take a look into that right now just wondering tho have u grown it indoors and outdoors or just one of the above? because im also gonna eventually have an indoor setup for winter and i was thinkin of either making a strain that does just as well indoors as out so i can clone it early in the season before flower and start some inside ladies
  4. i grew it indoors and as soon as it started showing it's 3rd leafset, started pruning the shit out of it so i can smoke every day. i don't think she'd do bad outdoors unless you live in alaska or something. joey weeds' C99 is a pretty hearty fighter. one bean i thought was waterlogged and then dried out popped and grew to my amazement. it was like watching someone on life support jump out of bed and run a marathon. she's got some spunk.

    i'm sure if you google C99 grow & smoke reports, you'll find some outdoor results. generally, outdoors is considered better than in for better sunlight and lower temps & humidity.

    C99 is ideal for a stealthy outdoor grow in at least one respect, she's also famous for her floral low odor. i've found a couple outdoor grows simply by following my nose. low odor is just as good outdoors as in. if you start looking for low odor strains and want an indica for the exact opposite buzz of C99 (some people actually like getting stoned) the try some northern lights #5. it isn't special in the flavor department, but it's a hearty strain that's very easy to grow. it's an excellent beginner's strain that's hard to fuck up and has been used in tons of crosses to bring size down or resin up.
  5. thanks i will definetly check it out i have been wanting to grow northern lights for quite some time hence my name lol i just dont know if it will be able to handle the weather out here past october this c99 tho sounds like it will be mature and ready by the end of september which i can handle cuz once it gets past october it gets in to the minus' at night once i get my indoor setup tho im definetly gettin northern lights
  6. i never even looked at your name! duh! why are you starting your grow so late? why not start it in late spring/early summer to get buds by september?

    you could also start some larger & longer growing strains like AK-47, blueberry & SAGE etc. indoors under a $15 shoplight in your closet for a head start on an early harvest or even sex some strains and clone them starting in march or april so again, you have a head start on pre-sexed clones without building a big expensive grow room as you want down the road.

    unless you're growing something really skunky, you could carry your rooted clones in a box on the bus with no one being the wiser. only heavily indica & skunky strains get stinky fast. even the almost pure indica (hindu kush x masterkush) trouble maker freebies i popped were barely detectable by their 3rd or 4th leafsets and NL5 would only get you caught if you tried to get past a K9-5-0. LOL

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