Looking for a Glassblower in Eastern KY

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  1. I am working on opening a head shop in eastern Kentucky (Morehead/Ashland, KY Area) and I want to stock it with local glass pieces. I have tried a Google search with no luck. I am actually in the Tri-State Area so if the glass blower is from Western WV -The Huntington, WV Area or from South East Ohio - The Iornton, OH Area that would work also.

    I am looking for them to stock the shelves on a consignment basis.

    If anyone knows a glass blower that might be interested, have them contact me (Adam) at tooblunt@gmail.com
  2. im comin from the hills of eastern kentucky where the girls aint got teeth and the beer taste funky. there aint no law no cops no sheriff but theres one man that everyones heard of. so heres a little story id like to tell about allowishes cromby and the cormeal cartel he'll smoke ya if ya need but if ya piss em off he got that sawed off and he dont give no damn

    he dont give no damn

    he came to the state when corn got great he made his name off cobbs sellin liquor and frogs. the frogs came latter people fancied the platter and then came the liquor a cormeal elixir as far as the buds we need friends to grow and then came his illegal empire

    and he dont give no damn

    so hes roughin up the locals and chargin taxes cause he aint get none from the weaker sexes. he got into a scrap came out like crap it was a hackensaw boy and they dont toy so he found out just who had the clout when the hackesaaw boys starting making some noise and he went down in a flurrie of rounds and on that way to the underground he said

    I dont give no damn"

    dont know neone but thats a song i wrote 10 years ago about the area.....never been there....its a flat pick bluegrass song too. so dont nobody try to rap that shit.....

    have fun with ur head shop "allowishes"....JK
  3. johnny,i'm an old fat flattop guitar player from kentucky and that was pretty good.

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