Looking for a first Vaporizer.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Cobrinha, May 4, 2011.

  1. I'm new to the Vaporizer world and i was wondering if theres any specific vaporizers you guys would recommend that haven't let you down and are pretty good. :D

    So help me.
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    Silver Surfer
    Da Buddha
    Purple Days
    Magic Flight Launch Box
    The Cloud

    So, those are the specific vapes (and I'm sure that there may be others that I may have left out). All great at what they do. They all do certain things better than the others on the same list.

    Now that you have this info, go do a search here as well as at fuckcombustion.com and read, read, read, and then............read some more. When you have nailed it down to just a few that looks really good to you, come on back and ask for additional input.
  3. Just checked most of them out and i didn't realise they were that much. Are there any cheaper ones that dont suck do you guys know?

  4. The above vapes range in price from 50 dollars to 600 dollars. Are you looking for something cheaper than that?
  5. it all depends on what you are looking for but if price is main thing i would say mflb, so many great views, lifetime warrenty, 100 bucks and portable. dont own one myself but i have really been thinkin about it recently
  6. Hmmm, Iolite is a new one but no experience with it, waiting for my local shop to get them in stock. Anyone have info on portable ones battery or gas for the US plugs?

    As far as desktop ones go, I've tried and like Vapolution.
  7. Hot Box Vape is awesome! There is no temp to set it to (easy to use) and real fast warm up time (I only about 5-10mins). I got mine for about $100...which isn't too bad for at home vape.
  8. you get what you pay for with vapes. you will soon be one of those people who bash vaping because you try it out of some crap vape. do yourself a favor and buy a nicer vape, you will thank me later. i personally have an extreme q and love it. i have used many others like the volcano and SSV which are also great.

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