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Looking For A Dispensary That Sells Massive Joints In Bay Area

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CaliKushSmoker, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for a place that has big joint cones or like hash as the paper or something. If anyone thinks they know a club that might be able to help me that'd be great.....can pretty much be anywhere in the bay and i'll make the drive for it if its worth it
  2. like these?

    J-Ware Supasize Conical Papers

    You can mail order these without worry, from many shops :wave:
    (...completely legal even on a fed level (because you can use them to poison yourself with tobacco using them...:eek:)

    I am sure there are hemp based varieties out there as well.:hello::D
  3. No I'm saying like already rolled, I'm talking something outrageous.....Not just your basic fatty. I might have to end up rolling it myself if I can't find a place by tomorrow. Not saying I couldn't roll a nice fat cone, its just not worth my time to go around and get the supplies and then the time it takes to prepare and roll. I'd rather just find a place that sells outrageous joints and save myself the effort. Going to a concert friday
  4. Use a local forum- ie weedtracker/weedmaps.

    And enjoy your "medicine" :rolleyes:
  5. the medmar healing center has exactly what you're looking for
  6. checked there weedmaps and weedtracker accounts, only mention of what seems like regular size pre rolls
  7. Most expensive joint I've seen at a dispensary was called a death rocket, a j with a layer of kief and hash in a cyclone. Costs 25 dollars and not worth it.

  8. well honestly, sounds like you don't want meds, you want a party joint...not something mmj dispensaries are about IMHO.

    I can't think of one valid reason a patient would want such a thing other than to 'share it with friends and to party'...aka, diversion.
  9. As a patient isn't it my choice to choose which way I medicate on any given day??......I only smoke hash oil/wax so my tolerance has literally gotten to a point where if it isn't at least over 70% THC than it really won't do much for me. The reason I want a huge joint is ya because I'm going to a concert, but also because I wanna make a memory....isn't that what this game called life is about? I don't know how they do it in Missouri but coming from a person who has been in the forefront of medical marijuana for a good portion of my life, my doctor who gave me my first 215 card when I was 17 wants me to have a fun life while I still have it
  10. This is the type of shiz that will make us lose medical marijuana..

  11. trust me man just go check them out you will not be disappointed.

  12. self center much?:rolleyes:

    You admit to what you are doing is not the intent of the mmj rec, you just want to get a certain ideal memory of a concert...:( selfish people amaze me....:(

    oh well....what do you care, you got a big fat joint to take to a concert to share with your buddies...oh the memories...:rolleyes:

  13. that would be ridiculous and also not work.

  14. Wrong. They get rolled all the time

  15. a paper entirely made of hash? how the fuck does that work

  16. I don't know or care but I do want one! :smoking: and to OP: sounds like we got some jealous fellas in the house tonigh :D :p haha
  17. for real^^^^

    [ame=]B Real TV: The Giggle Stick (Weed Rolled In Hash) - YouTube[/ame]

    redman smoked two of these at a cannabis cup a few years back and was late for his performance
  18. Oh my lord i am sorry i doubted you cali, that is the sickest thing i have ever seen

    (holding giant clump of hash) "Now i don't have that much hash here"....that shit is simply awesome

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