Looking for a desktop between 150-250

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by macca97, Oct 6, 2014.

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    Yo guys I live in Australia and am looking for a vape that will cost under 250 Australian, weather I buy it online or get it shipped. :)
    This will be my first vape:
    -doesn't need to be used on the go
    - Must make good clouds and be fairly efficient on the bud
    - stealth is absolutely 0 issue
    -good to smoke solo and in a group. Usually 2 people but sometimes more, rarely up to 5 (will probably be used about 50-50)

    Pretty much the only qualities I need, something easy to clean and good to vapor bong with would be great because I love smoking bongs but other than that I'm just looking for an efficient, reliable vape that me and my mates can use that will help keep me healthier and hopefully keep me off the couch whilst stoned :)
  2. I got my Hotbox Vape for $110 at my LHS and it seems to fit your criteria

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  3. Thanks I was actually looking at a da Buddha or a silver surfer, do you find that the chamber is big enough to share??
    Also where is the best place to look to pick up decently priced vapes in Aus or that ship to Aus, over here the pricing is ridiculous :(
  4. Lol I will tell you in a week when I get her but from what I have read from other sites it is plenty big enough to share.

    I have heard these guys ship there and I believe 7th floor does too if you order direct from them.


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  5. Seventh floor makes a great whip based vaporizer. Also check out the herbalaire which is a dual functionality vape that has the option to fill multiple bags at one time. The newest model also offers a tapered tong WPA that fits 14mm and 18mm bongs. Do not buy a cheap Chinese vape such as an easy vape. They are made out of cheap health hazardous material with inaccurate temperature controls.
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    Bumping this with a question:
    A Da Buddha would cost me 230 bucks brand new tool get online in Australia, or I can get a secondhand volcano for 500 bucks, is it safe getting a vape secondhand and is it worth the extra money that I didn't really want to have to spend

    Also how good is it for personal use? Can you just buy smaller bags? I much prefer the whip idea
  7. Bag vapes are entirely overrated imho. For solo use they turn into more of a hassle than anything. The flavor also isn't nearly as good using a bag vape over a direct draw vape or even a whip vape. Get a buddha you won't be disappointed. I own a herbalaire and either vapor bong, direct draw, or whip all the time. The bags only come out with friends.
  8. I'd recommend the  Arizer Extreme Q, SSV or DBV. 
    All are nice, efficient desktops, imo. 
    And within your range if you look good enough.
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    Being that the OP says he wants to vaporbong and wants a cloud producer, at his price point, I'd have to strongly suggest the LSV. 
    The LSV and water go together like wine and cheese.   :yummy:
  10. I looked into these but I don't like the idea of putting buds straight into the bowl, can you chop up if you choose? And also how do you find it works like this it just seems really odd to me
    Had a look at this too

  11. Yeah you can grind it up if you choose. To me the hits are milkier if the bud is ground up but you still do get solid hits with whole nugs. Typically I stir after the first couple hits so after that it is essentially ground up anyways as stirring breaks apart the whole nugs.
  12. I was wary of the whole bud in the crucible as well, but when the nug is removed and broken apart the entire surface area of the bud is an even brown color. The herbalaire is one of the premier vapes at full extraction of your herbs. If you prefer to grind your herbs you can do so, but the screen isn't so fine as to collect tiny particles so I would suggest a coarse grind.
  13. Yeah I found it best to use a different screen with it as I grind all my weed to close to powder.
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    Still a bit confused, the extreme Q seems like a solid unit but to me there is better options.
    Seventh floor seems fairly fool proof and I can pick up a DBV for 240 bucks so I'm thinking this would be cool, however I like that the LSV can be so easily adapted to use with bongs although I could surely work something out so that my da Buddha works with a bong too.

    The last one I've narrowed it down to is the herbalaire, which I really liked the look of, I'm sure I could probably use it to vaporbong, and the fact that I can just fill some bags when mates come over is very cool. I just don't like the putting whole buds in thing for some reason, lol.

    So basically it's down to Herbalaire or DBV for me although they all look really nice, if you guys could give me some opinions and or pros and cons of these two and what I might miss out on if I chose one over the other that would be great.
    The DBV is much easier for me to get in Australia too
    For the functions and usability I'm definately thinking the herbalaire is the way to go so now I'm just looking at which has better clouds and which will get me high off less bud. Cheers

    One last thing: how good is the bag function on the herbalaire. I've got a feeling ill end up just pulling a bong out if I'm with anymore than 3 people
  15. How big are your clouds with it with grinding it up and how good is the bag function, in comparison to smoking a bong how much weed will you use to get baked as all hell :D
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    Or............how 'bout blowing up 3 bags for each one of them.............all at the same time.
  17. The herbalaire excels in bag mode and I can milk up some very nice clouds through a water pipe with it. Planet vape sells a glass on glass adapter for it, and herbalaire offers a Teflon on glass connection from their website. Don't be worried about not being able to grind your herbs because you can with this vape. The manufacturer is just saying that is unnecessary, which I believe entirely. The dbv is an excellent choice if whip mode is your priority. Let me put it like this the herbalaire is better than the dbv for vapor bonging and it has the option to do bags, while the dbv is much better in whip mode.
    Bingo !!!
  19. Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.... I've just ordered a plenty from australianvaporizers.com.au $375 or $350 with coupon code avply10. It's my first vape and after much research seems to be the most 'bong' like on the market. Apparently has 18mm output so hooking up to the billy shouldn't be a prob. Plenty of good reviews out there so I'm hoping not to be disappointed. Will update you once it arrives.

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