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  1. im looking for a nice digital desk vape. nothing crazy. preferably with a whip system so i can reach over and hit it while gaming easily. i wouldnt want to spend less than 80 cause you get what you pay for but not more than 120~( can be upped if its close) what would my fellow blades suggest?

    A legit digital desk vape?   The only ones that are legit are:
    The Volcano Digit
    The Aeromed
    The Extreme Q
    All of which are above your price point.
    (ps, I may have left out a few.......)
  3. I just bought a Extreme Q, Should be here tomorrow. Ive heard pretty good reviews about it. I paid 169 with free shipping.
  4. well then.... my friend had an E.Z.V or something. it stood for easy zape i guess. said he got it for like 100. any good desk vapes in that price range? i want something that will give me a good idea of how vaping is without having to pay an arm and a leg ( broke college kid status)
  5. My desk vape is VaporBrothers, its perfect for my personal preference, id recommend checking it out
    ps: its also got lifetime warranty in case it falls off your desk, for peace of mind <3 
    Good desk vapes for a 100 bucks?   Nope.   But if you can stretch that a tad, check into Da Buddha.
    For the same amount of money, he could get Da Buddha, which has a much cleaner air path than the VaporBros.
    Also, you may want to read the fine print in that warranty, for it really isn't a lifetime warranty.
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    I'd recommend the Arizer EQ, mine has been worth the $150 I spent for it. Bought it on eBay, it was the first seller in the search for Arizer Extreme Q with $149.99 Buy It Now and free shipping. They even claim to honor the warranty so you'd never have to worry about shipping it back to Canada (where Arizer is based.) MrGolf or something was the seller...
    I know it's a bit over your price limit but it's worth it. If you smoke regularly you'll save more than that $30 in a month.

    Have you considered the Arizer V Tower? Basically an EQ without the fan (or bags) and remote.
    They can be had on eBay for under $115 shipped.
    I don't have any first hand experience with the V Tower, but Arizers other products are top notch.
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    For a whip based vape, I'd pick the Buddha over the V-Tower or the Q for the simple reason that the air path on the Buddha is MUCH cleaner.
    With that said though, if the vape is going to be serving double duty as a solo vape AND a party vape, the Q would make more sense in that bags are virtually idiot proof in party situations.
  9. Strongly recommend Da Buddha Vaporizer. You get what you pay for is right.  I think you should be able to get one for about $180 and it will be well worth it.  I've had mine for several years.  I dropped it accidentally many times but it still works great.  Other vapes I'd probably be screwed.  I leave it on a lot of the time for all these years too.  Highly recommended.
    Also, Easy Vape is like Easy Bake oven.  That's like a toy.  By something you can be proud of and something thatwill be most efficient.
    $130~ for blemished units via 7th floor ebay. Think thats still goin anyway. Just an add on to what you said.
  11. Arizer Extreme Q 4.0

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  12. I love my Silver Surfer, which is basically Da Buddha, so I'd recommend DaBuddha
  13. My vote is for the Extreme Q like a few others mentioned. I just wish I could find a unit as cheap as 140.00 !! And I live in Canada...hahaha. I have a huge tolerance from years (too embarrassed to say how many) of smoking and the EQ still gives me a great buzz when I medicate, unlike other vaporizers that take too much work to get a good draw. The EQ is very easy to use as well.

    I have dropped mine at least 30 times and it still works and no glass has even broken from the falls. The remote is the way to go too, people (including myself) laughed at the remote before purchase and know I won't use it without it. Trust me, you'll love it and it looks good too. Good luck in whatever choice you make.

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