Looking for a cheap, simple, reliable bong

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  1. Hello, so i'm looking into buying a simple, get the job done glass bong . (glass on glass as well for the stem and bowl) Nothing special. i want it to be like a normal size bong, nothing huge. If anyone can recommend anything as far as sites, or names or where to look it'd be appreciated. Price range would be up to $30. Thanks in advance!
  2. Well you are on the grasscity forum.. Why dont you check out the Grasscity Headshop?
  3. I have, but im not very informed on what to get .
  4. Try the glass section and search by price. All of them should be fine. Just find one that you like the looks of

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  5. Ya dhgate is your best bet. Free shipping for most items.... Gc is good too, but you'll probably pay your budget just on shipping. unless you live in the Netherlands.

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