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  1. Hey blades! Im looking for a gift for a newbie toker friend of mine. He hit my baby blue dot series RooR as his first bong and fell in love with smoking out of bongs. Its now his favorite way to smoke. Id like to drop some knowledge on my little homie and get him a piece for himself but my nearby headshops dont carry any glass i feel is worth purchasing, and i dont wanna drop 350$ for something that may get broken by newb stoner mistakes. Im in the price range of about 30-40$ for a nice glass piece. Anyone have a good site for me? Thanks!
  2. You on it! 40-60 could get you a black leaf perc on this store, or used to.
  3. Nothing against GC I think some of the work in the shop is actually very nice. Just not for this situation. Thank you though!
  4. Gogo pipes or Chunky Glass Pipes may be the way to go then. Google either one of them.
  5. Get him an ssfg travel tube or beaker(whatever your preference is. If he wants to throw you an extra like 15$ you could get a showerhead diffy with it too.

    If you go that route, you won't need to worry about him destroying the piece because of shitty glass quality.
  6. they do let you use this sweet forum for free, whats wrong with supporting a good company?
  7. [quote name='"MASS GLASS420"']
    they do let you use this sweet forum for free, whats wrong with supporting a good company?[/quote]


  8. I second this suggestion :bongin:
  9. do not get anything from grasscity. i bought a 90 dollar bong from them in December its now march and i still havn't gotten it

  10. they aren't a good company. they cheated me out of a 90 dollar bong and they have no customer support at all. you call and its just an automated service that you can't do anything on
  11. Thanks to all. I've taken into consideration using GC. I'll inform you guys of my final decision
  12. Woo! Sorry if this is an unnecessary bump but I have just received the
    Weed Star - Long Slim Jim Blue-Eye Ice Bong - Grasscity.com

    And my newb who is now starting to take to the ropes is in love. Thanks for the help guys! Also thanks to GC for allowing the use of the forums and being a seller of quality glass.
  13. Good choice. WS* makes good stuff IMO.

  14. weedstar is ghey
  15. ^ Take this guy's word for it ^
    He has all the answers.

    Enjoy your new piece bro.
  16. I personally have some higher end glass but this is just for a newer toker friend of mine so i digressed getting him a really nice piece. Thanks for all the input guys!
  17. gogopipes dot com (best for cheap prices but also have quality glass)

    brotherswithglass dot com ( a bit more expensive but a good alternative def 2nd choice if all fails)

    I have personally ordered from both sites and have never been disappointed with my various orders. both sites based Inside usa so no border customs BS. also (Not Spam)
  18. i recommend bros with glass as well, better than go go......but to each their own....you can always try aqua lab

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