looking for a BOXERS help. got my butt kicked, first fight of my LIFE

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  1. i am 18, i have no fighting experience whatsoEVER. im just a real peace lovin funny guy most of the time all my years, never really had problems with anger issues with people. and well although it wasn't a real fight fight, my bud invited me into this little fight club where a whole bunch of us go in and just box each other with just gloves. some of them can fight, and some just suck.

    Now i hopped in thinking it'd be easy to swing and duck. but damn did i not know, for someone like me to having to react to punches coming to your face and having to swing and retaliate.. i failed so hard. a lot of the times i turned away and ran and hopped in a second later, but i didnt really get punches off..

    i dont know what type of tips im looking for, but damn i really liked and and wanna go back but im not tryna get my ass whooped. -__- any advice?
  2. What size are you? Do you have long arms compared to your height? Would you consider yourself stronger then the average person your size? Would you say that you have a high pain tolerance? Let me know and I'll get back to you
  3. In honesty, I'm a skinny asian man(filipino). I'm 5'6" but even people 2" to sometimes 4" have the same reach as me. Skinny arms. I am weak, never ever was into sports or nothing, nerdy life. Pain tolerance is.. ehh.. I did get hit in the face a lot, but it was bearable with my adrenaline going. Except once I started getting hit in the face 4-5 times in a row I turned around.
  4. Better to be honest than lie and have me tell you somethings that is wrong. Don't let size intimidate you man. Some of the smallest guys are fucking lethal fighters. You are going to have to use speed to your advantage. Here are a couple of things you can do
    1. Dont Stop Moving!!! Always keep your feet moving, especially if you are fighting a a bigger person. Bigger guys are slower and powerful but they need to keep their feet planted to generate power and hard punches. You dont want to let them plant their feet. Keeping your feet moving and probing in and out will help alot; basically move closer in and try and get a quick hit off and then back off as fast as possible.
    2. Keep your god damn arms up! Keep your arms up around your face you want to have them around chin level to eye level, this will protect your face which is where you are going to get your bell rung.
    3. Use your speed to your advantage. You are probably going to be quicker than most people, exploit this to your full advantage. lots of fast, quick probing punches. Look for the counter punch, if someone is throwing a heavy punch your are going to see it coming, try and move your head out of the way of the punch; I know it sounds risky but it is going to deal ALOT of damage. When there fist passes your head there are going to have lots of momentum going that way, hit them as hard as you can when this happens and they might hit the ground. Try and hit them in the same direction the punch is going they might drop if you do this.
    4 Dont take it to the ground. Fighting on the ground is hard and strength plays a huge advantage, dont stay on the ground ever if you can avoid it.
    Any more info you can give me on yourself/opponents can give me better insight on some things you can do. I'm not the best boxer in the land but I won a couple of frat league titles. Someone more experienced can probably help you more than I can.
  5. Just give up. Manny paquiao can only do it on steroids so maybe its not your thing lol
  6. Keep moving your head, chest, and feet.

    Keep your hands up, and make sure when you strike you keep your shoulder up so your face is still protected by that hand/arm.

    Make sure you also don't drop the other hand while striking. That's a common tendency, and it leaves your side completely exposed.

    Overall if you do those things it's going to be pretty hard for you to get hit.
  7. Smells like tts in here :devious:

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