Looking for a bowl for my bong

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  1. I have a roll uh bowl that I bought with the original bowl piece and i used my friends bowl which looks like this Gyazo - e6efb45835eb78dc3f080c5bdb23446a.png and it was absolutely amazing, he took it back and now I would like to purchase basically the exact same one. I cannot find it though and I would really appreciate some help! Thank you! ( my bong smokybubblesanywhere )
  2. That pic hosting is shit.....never did fully load for me and was just lagging forever. With that said, that bowl looks like some generic cheapy to me that could be purchased from any head shop or online shop. I can't comprehend how you're not able to find that....
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  3. What he said ^^^

    I've seen that bowl in just about every head shop I've ever been in. There's a similar one in one of my smaller bongs right now. These are common as fuck. Are you over 18? Go to a headshop it will likely be there. Are there no headshops located near you? Where are you at?

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