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  1. What's up blades?  :smoke:
    So as I'm sitting in my room on summer vacation from school (I'm going into my sophomore year of college) I'm considering some life options. First, some background on me: Currently I work mainly in a supermarket basically as a part time manager. I have all the same responsibilities as a store manager, but I don't receive their pay. Now don't get me wrong, I make alright money there. I've been working there for almost 2 years and I've worked my way up. I just finished my first year away at college and I finished with a 3.1 GPA my first year. I'm currently 18 years of age.
    Now the other day, my store manager was gauging my interest in moving into management full time. As I learned more about it, I found out that the pay isn't that great at first, but I can move up as rapidly as I want too essentially. It comes with benefits, job security and opportunities for advancement. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy going away to school in the experience it's been giving me. But at the same time I have absolutely no clue about what I want to do with my life at all. 
    I feel like I'm taking out money in student loans to essentially smoke weed all day, temporarily memorize information, regurgitate it, and then get drunk on the weekends. I don't feel as if I'm receiving anything from college that I should be. I enjoy working in a supermarket doing what I do.. It's a high stress job but I enjoy the work. So I'm wondering and I've had this conversation with my girlfriend of two and a half years: Should I do something now that I can see myself enjoying? Or do I continue putting myself into debt without feeling like I'm getting anything out of it in the hopes that it'll land me a better paying job? 
    So blades, basically I ask this.. Full time work with pay and a clear cut image of the future? or Full time student in debt? I appreciate anyone who even read this and I look forward to your input.
    Later guys   :bongin:

  2. What's the pay?
    I wouldn't drop going to school. Do both. Having a job in a supervisor/managerial position is extremely beneficial to resumes, especially at a young age. Having a good college degree will make it better.
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    this is gonna be a decision a lot of people have to make, man. you're not alone. i'm going into sophomore year too, but i'm staying in school. for me, it's just that a college degree is slowly becoming the new high school diploma; if you don't have one, it's very difficult to move upwards. it's risking debt for future job opportunities. 
    but that's just me, take it however ya want.
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    Honestly I'd take the job if that's what you want. everyones different though.  I got offered an awesome job right around the time I was looking at schools and i just said fuck that and took the job. best decision i've made so far. my family gave me shit about it but who cares? i'm gonna make money and live while i can.. if i ever want to go back to school that option will always be there.
    do what you gotta do 
    good luck :)
  5. My advice is shorten your stories.
    No, I think everyone is the same here.
  6. It's only 12-13 an hour starting, but I make $250 flat on Sundays and holidays no matter how many hours I work. It comes with benefits and vacation time. I'd be looking at about 50-60 hour workweeks. Keep in mind I'd still be living with my parents for a while so my expenses would be minimal and I'd be able to save for my own place right away. I wish I could do both, but its not possible  :confused_2:
  7. Yeah I understand the college diploma being the new high school diploma thing, but this is a job that could take me as far as I want with minimal to no schooling required.
  8. Thank you for the advice, I don't know why the fuck society expects you to start planning the rest of your life at such a young age  :hide:
  9. No need to be a dick my man, I was just looking for some advice. You can take a walk if you don't want to contribute.  :wave:
  10. The way I see it is how much money do you need to be happy and can you live within your means. There are a lot of people out there making bank but they live beyond their means so they are actually broke.
    I am debt free and have a low monthly cost of living. If I can work a part-time job and have enough money to put a little in savings at the end of the month I am happy with that.
    Listen to Dave Ramsey's radio show. He's all about getting out of debt and living within your budget.
  11. Thanks man I'll definitely go check that out. The thing is, I would be perfectly happy working that job, coming home smoking a bowl or two and just relax. I really wouldn't need that much to be happy. Especially if my girlfriend, who I have every intention of marrying continues to go to school and gets a job herself. 
  12. but I did want to contribute and thus my post...
  13. Haha alright man, but if your not going to contribute anything tangible to what I said in my "too long" story I'd appreciate if you'd just leave it be
    That's sounds a lot like something a company might say to an employee in an attempt to have them work a shittier job with the same pay, but with a fancier title. Or, maybe I'm just a bit too...
    Anyway, if you wanna stick with the work, go for it. But you don't have the quit school; go part-time. Even if it's only one class per semester. Nice thing is you may be able to pay off the classes as you go. Gives you a bit of a break from classes and more time to decide "what to do," while also giving you some more cash and work experience. 
  15. I also currently work at a supermarket at the meat counter and go to college.  One of my co-workers, the butcher, is in his 50s and has been working for the same company for over 20 years! He is a really nice dude don't get me wrong, but he constantly makes jokes about how he should've actually done something with his life... No offense to anyone who is in this same situation, but I think that you would be happier with staying in college.  Who knows, you might end up being very well off once you get out of college.  But honestly, do whatever feels right in your mind, just don't short sell yourself because you aren't for sure what you will be doing after you get out of college.  Remember, when you put in work, there is a reward!
  16. You have to do what makes you happy. If you don't have direction in college then you are probably not going to study the right subject. There are plenty of people with college degrees that can't find a job or have a job that has nothing to do with their degrees. If your job makes you happy then you are better off than most. The amount of money you make isn't what leads to happiness. I think a supermarket manager can do pretty good anyways. I have a cousin that did well with Trader Joe's.
    @Boundless Cognition: Tell your co-worker the world needs butchers. It contribues to society and is an honest profession!
  17. I am 50 yrs old. I have a high school education. I chose the second path...worked the job, enjoyed life, simple and easy. I just lost a 12 year career because I got busted for growing pot. Now at 50, I cannot get a good job, especially without a college education. That said... you are 18...very young. You love your girl, want to marry, have kids... all expensive. Consider that at some point later in your life you will divorce, pay child support, maybe lose your job and have to find another usually starting back at square 1 on the pay scale... Using my life experience, I would advise what an earlier poster said... try to do both, keep the current position, continue on with your education. Get an AA or a batchelors and then when you need a good paying job you will be qualified to get one and it will take care of the financial demands you have no way of knowing you will incur later in life.
    ismokemj....my appologies in advance for the long story, a comrade is in need of advice, trying to make an important life decision and I didn't want to sell him short just to accomodate someone too lazy to read.

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