Looking for a Birthday Tube

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  1. I was thinking about celebrating my birthday with getting a nice tube. Im willing to spend around 400-600, and I'm interested in checking out some brands such as Luke Wilson, and Syn somewhere online. The only sites that Im aware of are ALT, and etsy. Could someone send please me a PM with some good websites I can look at for my birthday piece.

    Much appreciated!
  2. Nope you pretty much got it, ALT is perfect for that price range.
    What are you looking for? Straight tube or beaker? Perc or no perc? Stemless? Fixed stem? Etc...
  3. for that price range you will be able to get a reaaaaaal quality piece... cant go wrong with luke wilson or syn..

    personally if i was paying that much i would go for a nice worked waffle from Stone Glass Works...this one in particular... just my personal preference though
  4. I'm looking for a percolated piece, I want a multiple tree perc or a NICE shower head. ALT has some nice syn shower heads. Preferably beaker bottom. Stone Glass i was also checking out.
  5. http://www.grasscity.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/A/L/ALT-2010-05-18-361.jpg

    Yum. 370$.
  6. I hear that the Syn showerheads are very nice. That inline^ looks pretty good as well, but you need to fully explore your options.
  7. Appreciate the search Lean, however it's kind of pointless to post a piece that is out of stock. I may check the local headie shops in CT, unfortunately they'll be priced higher.
  8. CT has some bomb ass shops too
  9. What shops would you recommend? I live in the Central CT area. I've visited the post, wastelands, vibrations, and northern lights. Are there any other ones you'd find to be a better find in CT? Vibrations and Northern Lights so far are my top favorite.
  10. I'm pretty much a glass newbie... but can someone give me some insight/ a link that explains what difference presence of percs, inlines, if its stemless makes?
  11. Nothing like getting the tube you want on your Bday! Great feeling. Good luck with your purchase, and FYI you can usually get a discount on ur Bday with ID.
  12. dude im not from there so i dont know... but i do know that they have some good head shops in CT... if that makes sense

    ask Tokinvapes or ODS on here because they are both from CT and probably know more than i do

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