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  1. Today I was just wandering around my old home town and drove round the same places and walked around the same shops that I used to with my mates. I just broke down and was wondering why we did what we did when we where 15-19 there is to many people who died far to young from those days. I just couldn't stop thinking what would of happened if I had just pulled those glassy's out my mine and my friends mouths how many more would there of been beside me alive and how many more would of been free on the outside with me.

    So R.I.P peter, sammy, kanne, and powelly you guys will be remembered always and I wish more than anything that we had made the right choices and you guys where still around.
  2. I really feel you, bro. I been there, man.

    But that guilt trip is just more negative bullshit down on your head, man. You don't need all that. I mean, you didn't kill 'em.

    All the shit we pulled back in the day. Not everyone survived. But that's just the way it is.

    Just be glad YOU survived.

    Sorry, Bro.
  3. Powelly was THAT dude! I remember we fucked hella hoes, smoked hella blunts.
  4. So you guys all know each other,...........................cool
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [quote name='"Solipsist NPC"']


    Ahahahaha this shit made me lose it
  7. What the hell is a glassy? Like a glass pipe? What? I'm so fucking confused.
  8. have a nice day to every one

    also to your dad

  9. You jelly bro?
  10. Dafuck is a glassy
  11. Im confused... Wtf is a glassy?

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